For a limited time we are offering our ENTIRE MP3 Collection, on a 1 TigaByte external hard drive included free and shipped for free. It's over 60,000 recordings, 620 Gigabytes of shows equal to over 1500 discs for $2,199.00. That's about 4 cents per recording, $1.43 per disc. (That's over 64% off!)

   You need a USB to access the drive, we include the cord to hook it up to your computer. We have everything we offer at our web site in the MP3 format, it is your chance to have an instant complete and well organized collection that we have painstakingly collected, organized and improved over the last 14 years- and you can have it all at once. This is a limited time offer. Please allow us 10 days for delivery. If you have any questions write us at otr@starcreations.com or call us at 888-OTRNow1.

This includes EVERYTHING on this page!


We are assuming you are using a PC, if you have an Apple computer, let us know so we can make it compatable to your computer.