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Listing of "Lightnin Jim US Marshall And Mandrake The Magician"

Title Show Date File Size
87 shows of 2 different adeventure series. ---
Lightning Jim is a western Marshall who frequently meets famous people from the time period. ---
Mandrake The Magician is a serial based on the syndicated comic strip. ---
Lightning Jim e0001 Jesse James Helps The Marshall. ---
Lightning Jim e0002 Outlaw's Son. ---
Lightning Jim e0003 Lightning Jim Meets Wild Bill Hickok. ---
Lightning Jim e0004 Whitey Pays a Debt. ---
Lightning Jim e0005 Lightning Jim Races Against Death. ---
Lightning Jim e0006 Lightning Jim and Calamity Jane. ---
Lightning Jim e0007 Lightning Jim Shows Black Bear the White Man's Trail. ---
Lightning Jim e0008 Belle Starr, the Female Outlaw. ---
Lightning Jim e0009 The Snake Strikes. ---
Lightning Jim e0010 Lightning Jim Visits Broken Horn. ---
Lightning Jim e0011 Union Pacific. ---
Lightning Jim e0012 Lightning Jim and Disorder in the Court. ---
Lightning Jim e0013 Lightning Jim's Brand. ---
Lightning Jim e0014 Huldah Takes Charge. ---
Lightning Jim e0015 Whitey Appoints a Deputy Marshall. ---
Lightning Jim e0016 Lightning Jim Meets Texas Lil. ---
Lightning Jim e0017 Lightning Jim Meets Deadwood Dick. ---
Lightning Jim e0018 Mad Killer Dirk. ---
Lightning Jim e0019 Thunder to the Rescue. ---
Lightning Jim e0020 Lightning Jim Helps Kansas Kate. ---
Lightning Jim e0021 Lightning Jim Meets Little Bear. ---
Lightning Jim e0022 Little Bear Repays a Debt. ---
Lightning Jim e0023 Lightning Jim Prevents a Lynching. ---
Lightning Jim e0024 The Judgement of Colonel Colt. ---
Lightning Jim e0038 A Lawman's Badge. ---
Lightning Jim e0039 A Parson Takes a Hand. ---
Lightning Jim Jim Meets Wild Bill Hickock. ---
Lightning Jim Outlaw's Son. ---
Lightnin Jim Jesse James Helps The Marshall. ---
Mandrake - e0047 Captain X, Lothar and Tommy Escape. Feb 26, 1941 (Wednesday)
Mandrake (record) Return Of The Cobra. ---
Mandrake - e0047 Captain X, Lothar and Tommy Escape. Feb 26, 1941 (Wednesday)
Mandrake - e0048 Mandrake Swears Revenge. Feb 28, 1941 (Friday)
Mandrake - e0051 Lothar and Tommy Are Alive. Mar 7, 1941 (Friday)
Mandrake - e0052 Lothar and Narda Are Prisoners. Mar 10, 1941 (Monday)
Mandrake - e0055 Barracuda Is Under Mandrake's Control. Mar 17, 1941 (Monday)
Mandrake - e0056 Mandrake Is Tied Up. Mar 19, 1941 (Wednesday)
Mandrake - e0057 Captain X Fights Lothar. Mar 21, 1941 (Friday)
Mandrake - e0058 Princess Narda and Mandrake Will Be. Mar 24, 1941 (Monday)
Mandrake - e0059 Alex Jefferson Falls over a Cliff. Mar 26, 1941 (Wednesday)
Mandrake - e0060 Mandrake Gets the Car Keys. Mar 28, 1941 (Friday)
Mandrake - e0061 Dorfman Is Found. Mar 31, 1941 (Monday)
Mandrake - e0062 Highpitch Forces Mandrake off the Road. Apr 2, 1941 (Wednesday)
Mandrake - e0063 Mandrake, Tommy and Lothar Jump From. Apr 4, 1941 (Friday)
Mandrake - e0064 Mr Slade Is Interested in the Red. Apr 7, 1941 (Monday)
Mandrake - e0065 Slade Has the Red Book. Apr 9, 1941 (Wednesday)
Mandrake - e0066 Tommy Has Found Princess Narda. Apr 11, 1941 (Friday)
Mandrake - e0067 The Truck Is Headed to the Secret Base. Apr 14, 1941 (Monday)
Mandrake - e0068 Highpitch Is Summoned to the Boss. Apr 16, 1941 (Wednesday)
Mandrake - e0069 The Planes Are Armed. Apr 18, 1941 (Friday)
Mandrake - e0070 Mandrake Pretends to Be the New Flight. Apr 21, 1941 (Monday)
Mandrake - e0071 Mandrake Has Paralyzed Highpitch. Apr 23, 1941 (Wednesday)
Mandrake - e0072 Dr Carvass Gets a Carrier Pigeon. Apr 25, 1941 (Friday)
Mandrake - e0099 There's a Spy Ring in Newtown, Indiana. Jun 27, 1941 (Friday)
Mandrake - e0100 A Red Biplane Attacks Mandrake's Plane. Jun 30, 1941 (Monday)
Mandrake - e0133 A Bomb Is About to Explode. Sep 15, 1941 (Monday)
Mandrake - e0134 Narda and the Professor Have Survived. Sep 17, 1941 (Wednesday)
Mandrake - e0145 The Green Mask Is Using a Submarine. Oct 13, 1941 (Monday)
Mandrake - e0146 The Car Chase Continues. Oct 15, 1941 (Wednesday)
Mandrake Captain X - Lothar And Tommy Escape. ---

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