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Listing of "Kay Kyser"

Title Show Date File Size
28 files some in the higher quality encode of 128kbps.m ---
Kay Kyser combione music, comedy and quizes in his Kollege Of Musical Knowledge.m ---
Almost all of these shows come from the Armed Forces Radio Service and are shows.m ---
That were done for the troops.m ---
Kay Kyser& His Orchestra 1934.mp ---
Kay Kyser 1934 e0001 Sing, You Sinners.m ---
Kay Kyser 1934 e0003 You Ought to be In Pictures.m ---
Kay Kyser 1934 e0004 I m Sitting On Top of the World.m ---
Kay Kyser 1934 e0005 Hallelujah.m ---
Kay Kyser 1934 e0006 I Got Rhythm .m ---
Kay Kyser 1934 e0007 Rise and Shine .m ---
Kay Kyser 1934 e0010 Strike Me Pink .m ---
Kay Kyser - Sing.m Feb 28, 1934 (Wednesday)
Kay Kyser - e0008 Margie .m Jun 12, 1934 (Tuesday)
Kay Kyser Kollege - e0044 Constitution Hall Washington DC.m Oct 20, 1943 (Wednesday)
Kay Kyser Kollege - e0074 Goleta Ca (LQ Scratches).m Mar 15, 1944 (Wednesday)
Kay Kyser Kollege - e0075 USCG Long Beach CA.m Mar 22, 1944 (Wednesday)
Kay Kyser Kollege - e0080 EL Toro Marine Base.m May 3, 1944 (Wednesday)
Kay Kyser Kollege - e0081 Navy Training Center NOB Long Beach.m May 10, 1944 (Wednesday)
Kay Kyser Kollege - e0094 Phil Harris Stands In Miramar Ca.m Aug 9, 1944 (Wednesday)
Kay Kyser Kollege - e0096 Phil Harris Stands In Lindbergh Field.m Aug 23, 1944 (Wednesday)
Kay Kyser Kollege - e0100 Phil Harris Stands In Taft CA.m Sep 20, 1944 (Wednesday)
Kay Kyser Kollege - e0103 Alameda Ca Naval Air Station.m Oct 11, 1944 (Wednesday)
Kay Kyser Kollege - e0104 Fort Bliss El Paso Texas.m Oct 18, 1944 (Wednesday)
Kay Kyser Kollege - e0107 Camp Pendleton.m Nov 8, 1944 (Wednesday)
Kay Kyser Kollege - e0117 Together .m Jan 17, 1945 (Wednesday)
Kay Kyser Kollege - e0122 Camp Crowder MO.m Feb 7, 1945 (Wednesday)
Kay Kyser Kollege - e0137 Army Redistribution Ctr Santa Ana CA.m May 23, 1945 (Wednesday)
Kay Kyser Kollege - e0162 1st Song Put That Ring on My Finger.m Nov 28, 1945 (Wednesday)
Kay Kyser Kollege - ABC Audition.m Aug 26, 1947 (Tuesday)
Kay Kyser Kollege - Comedy of Errors.m Dec 6, 1947 (Saturday)
Remembering Kay Kyser 1966.m ---
Remote - Kay Kyser - Trianon Ballroom Chgo (MBS).m Feb 6, 1937 (Saturday)
Kay Kyser Accenttchuate The Positive.m ---
Kay Kyser bea Wayne I Said No1942 64kb.m ---
Kay Kyser boopboop Dittem Dottem Whattem Chu Three Little Fishies1939.m ---
Kay Kyser Buttermilk Sky.m ---
Kay Kyser Chopsticks.m ---
Kay Kyser Collegiate Fanny1929 64kb.m ---
Kay Kyser Concert In The Park1939.m ---
Kay Kyser Deep In The Heart Of Texas1942.m ---
Kay Kyser Did You Mean It1936.m ---
Kay Kyser dorothy Dunn How Do I Know Its Real1942.m ---
Kay Kyser ella Logan Its A Long Way To Tiparry1942 64kb.m ---
Kay Kyser Ferryboat Serenade.m ---
Kay Kyser Floating On A Bubble1938.m ---
Kay Kyser Gee But Youre Swell1938.m ---
Kay Kyser ginny Simms Music Maestro Please1938.m ---
Kay Kyser Hark The Sound Of Tar Heel Voices1929 64kb.m ---
Kay Kyser harry Babbit Ginny Simms The Tinkle Song1939.m ---
Kay Kyser harry Babbit Its Time To Dream A Thousand Dreams Of You1938 64kb.m ---
Kay Kyser Hey Hey Your Cares Away1937.m ---
Kay Kyser Hot Swing1938.m ---
Kay Kyser I Dont Want To Get Well1938.m ---
Kay Kyser If My Heart Had A Window.m ---
Kay Kyser Ill Miss You Tonight1938.m ---
Kay Kyser Ill Sing You A Thousand Love Songs1938.m ---
Kay Kyser Just A Haven1929 64kb.m ---
Kay Kyser Like The Wind You Are Gone.m ---
Kay Kyser Ma Shes Making Eyes At Me1938.m ---
Kay Kyser Me And My Melinda1942.m ---
Kay Kyser Medley1932.m ---
Kay Kyser michael Douglas Rosemary.m ---
Kay Kyser Some Day Ill Find You1937.m ---
Kay Kyser sonny Mason Ma Shes Making Eyes At Me1938.m ---
Kay Kyser Tell Her1928 64kb.m ---
Kay Kyser Tell It To The Marines.m ---
Kay Kyser The Man From The South1942 64kb.m ---
Kay Kyser The Umbrella Man.m ---
Kay Kyser Who Wouldnt Love You.m ---
Kay Kyser Why Dont We Do This More Often.m ---
Kay Kyser Woody Woodpecker1948.m ---
Kay Kyser zoot Suit.m ---

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