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Listing of "Jubilee And Plantation Jubilee-02"

Title Show Date File Size
Jubilee e138 Jimmie Lunceford ---
Jubilee e139 Jimmie Lunceford ---
Jubilee e149 Guests Dick Haymes And Count Basie ---
Jubilee e154 Guest Eddie Green ---
Jubilee e156 Stan Kenton ---
Jubilee e198 Wingy Minone And Kid Ory ---
Jubilee e200 Bobby Sherwood ---
Jubilee e202 Cliff Lang Herb Jeffries ---
Jubilee e204 Cliff Lang Kay Starr Andre Previn ---
Jubilee e205 Benny Carter ---
Jubilee e206 Count Basie ---
Jubilee e207 Benny Carter Nat King Cole ---
Jubilee e210 Lionel Hampton Lena Horne ---
Jubilee e211 Andy Kirk Eddy Heywood ---
Jubilee e213 Jimmy Lunceford Andre Previn ---
Jubilee e214 Chalrie Barnet Eddy Heywood ---
Jubilee e219 Benny Carter Josh White ---
Jubilee e220 Benny Carter Nat King Cole ---
Jubilee e222 Benny Carter Helen Humes ---
Jubilee e225 Joey Preston ---
Jubilee e226 Jack Mc Vea ---
Jubilee e227 Pete Daley Martha Tilton ---
Jubilee e240 Ike Carpenter Four Blazes ---
Jubilee e241 Eddie Skrivanek ---
Jubilee e242 Al Killian Kay Kyser ---
Jubilee e244 Roy Milton Ernie Felice ---
Jubilee e245 Count Basie Ella Mae Morse ---
Jubilee e248 Benny Carter Peggy Lee ---
Jubilee e250 Murray Mac Eachern Kid Ory ---
Jubilee e256 Jimmy Mundy Nat King Cole ---
Jubilee e258 Jimmy Mundy ---
Jubilee e260 Dave Cavanaugh Ernie Felice ---
Jubilee e261 Benny Goodman Howard Mc Ghee ---
Jubilee e262 Benny Carter Benny Goodman ---
Jubilee e264 Jimmy Zito Kay Starr ---
Jubilee e265 Harry Lubin Walter Gross ---
Jubilee e267 Harry James ---
Jubilee e268 Harry James Earl Hines ---
Jubilee e269 Count Basie ---
Jubilee e270 Count Basie ---
Jubilee e274 Harry Babasin ---
Jubilee e309 Gene Krupa ---
Jubilee w/Woody Herman & Jack Teagarden ---
Plantation Jubilee - e0019 ' Somebody Stole My Gal' Jun 3, 1949 (Friday)
Plantation Jubilee - e0020 ' Everywhere You Go' Jun 10, 1949 (Friday)
Plantation Jubilee - e0027 ' Dinah' Jul 29, 1949 (Friday)
Plantation Jubilee - e0028 ' Steam Boat Bill' Aug 5, 1949 (Friday)
Plantation Jubilee - e0029 ' Alabamy Bound' Aug 12, 1949 (Friday)
Plantation Jubilee - e0035 ' Wait ' Till the Sun Shines, Nellie' Sep 23, 1949 (Friday)

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