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Listing of "Jubilee And Plantation Jubilee-01"

Title Show Date File Size
43 files of shows featuring black oriented music and performance. ---
Jubilee Delta Rhythm Boys Meade Lux Lewis ---
Jubilee e001 - ' Heyfoot Strawfoot' Oct 9, 1942 (Friday)
Jubilee e002 - Oct 27, 1942 (Tuesday)
Jubilee e004 Benny Carter Nicodemus ---
Jubilee e026 Ain't Misbehavin' ---
Jubilee e028 Count Basie Jimmy Rushing ---
Jubilee e033 Delta Rhythm Boys Jimmy Lunceford ---
Jubilee e037 Delta Rythm Boys Lucky Millander ---
Jubilee e038 Lucky Millinder Jimmy Noone ---
Jubilee e039 5 Charioters Rochester L. Millander ---
Jubilee e041 Ernie Morris and Jimmy Jordan ---
Jubilee e043 Erskine Hawkins ---
Jubilee e045 Erskine Hawkins Nat King Cole ---
Jubilee e046 Barney Bigard Louis Jordan ---
Jubilee e048 Erskine Hawkins ---
Jubilee e049 Duke Ellington ---
Jubilee e051 Louis Jordan Nat King Cole ---
Jubilee e052 Harlan Leonard ---
Jubilee e053 Lionel Hampton ---
Jubilee e055 Count Basie Teddy Wilson ---
Jubilee e056 Nobile Sissle Barny Bigard ---
Jubilee e061 CP Johnson - Johnny Mercer ---
Jubilee e062 Tiny Bradshaw Jack Benny ---
Jubilee e065 Cab Calloway Nat King Cole ---
Jubilee e069 Duke Ellington ---
Jubilee e076 Fletcher Henderson ---
Jubilee e077 Fletcher Henderson Lena Horne ---
Jubilee e082 International Sweethearts of Rhythm ---
Jubilee e085 Jimmie Lunceford Nat King Cole ---
Jubilee e086 Jimmie Lunceford ---
Jubilee e087 Benny Carter ---
Jubilee e088 International Sweethearts of Rhythm ---
Jubilee e089 Jimmie Lunceford Lena Horne ---
Jubilee e091 Elmer Fain Tommy Dorsey ---
Jubilee e104 Nola' ---
Jubilee e105 I Know That You Know' ---
Jubilee e106 - w/Jack Benny& Rochester Mar 31, 1945 (Saturday)
Jubilee e109 - starring Jack Benny Mar 31, 1945 (Saturday)
Jubilee e115 Lucky Millinder Gene Krupa ---
Jubilee e117 Duke Ellington ---
Jubilee e118 Features Charlie Barnett ---
Jubilee e122 Opus X' ---
Jubilee e136 Guests Eddie Green And Benny Carter ---

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