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Listing of "Horizons West And Human Adventure"

Title Show Date File Size
Horizons West is about the adventures of Lewis And Clark.m ---
T He Human Adventure is about the search for knowledge from the University Of Chicago.m ---
26 shows of historical drama.m ---
Horizons West e001 Mr Jefferson's Dream.m ---
Horizons West e002 The Confrontation.m ---
Horizons West e003 Dakota Winter.m ---
Horizons West e004 Into the Unknown.m ---
Horizons West e005 The Great Falls.m ---
Horizons West e006 Shoshone Country.m ---
Horizons West e007 To the Pacific.m ---
Horizons West e008 Fort on the Columbia.m ---
Horizons West e009 Homeward Bound.m ---
Horizons West e010 Decision at Traveler's Rest.m ---
Horizons West e011 Clark and the Horse Thieves.m ---
Horizons West e012 Lewis and the Blackfeet.m ---
Horizons West e013 Down the Missouri to St Louis.m ---
Human Adventure - Inquiring Minds.m Aug 1, 1939 (Tuesday)
Human Adventure - Birth Of Babies.m Jun 29, 1940 (Saturday)
Human Adventure - General Lafayette.m Jul 13, 1940 (Saturday)
Human Adventure - Napoleon Invading England.m Aug 10, 1940 (Saturday)
Human Adventure - Story Of Chicago.m Aug 24, 1940 (Saturday)
Human Adventure - Middletown.m Sep 21, 1940 (Saturday)
Human Adventure - Atlantic Migration.m Jan 2, 1946 (Wednesday)
Human Adventure - Oliver Wendell Holmeswav.m Jan 23, 1946 (Wednesday)
Human Adventure - Origin Of American Revolution.m Mar 1, 1946 (Friday)
Human Adventure - Samuel Pepys.m Mar 15, 1946 (Friday)
Human Adventure - The Einstein Theory.m Apr 12, 1946 (Friday)
Human Adventure Charles Darwin.m ---

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