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Listing of "Guilty Party And The Hardy Family"

Title Show Date File Size
25 files of 2 different shows all encoded at 128kbps.m ---
The audience matches wits with a panel to find the Guilty Party from the BBC.m ---
Mickey Rooney and Lewis Stone star in the situation comedy The Hard Family.m ---
Guilty Party - Gamblers.m Feb 24, 1960 (Wednesday)
Guilty Party - Woman in a Ditch.m Mar 2, 1960 (Wednesday)
Guilty Party - Diving Statue.m Mar 9, 1960 (Wednesday)
Guilty Party - Bullet in a Bull.m Mar 30, 1960 (Wednesday)
Guilty Party - Left Handed Threat.m May 11, 1960 (Wednesday)
Guilty Party - Fallen Angel.m May 20, 1960 (Friday)
Guilty Party - Death In The Afternoon.m Feb 15, 1961 (Wednesday)
Guilty Party - Empty Chimney.m Jul 24, 1962 (Tuesday)
Guilty Party - Rembrandt Touch.m Aug 7, 1962 (Tuesday)
Guilty Party - Poison in the Afternoon.m Aug 14, 1962 (Tuesday)
Guilty Party - Action For Libel.m Aug 21, 1962 (Tuesday)
Guilty Party - Murder On The Mediterannean.m Aug 28, 1962 (Tuesday)
Guilty Party - Frightened Schoolgirl.m Sep 11, 1962 (Tuesday)
Guilty Party Slippery Sam.m ---
Hardy Family - Andy's A Junior Executive.m Nov 15, 1949 (Tuesday)
Hardy Family - Skiing Star.m Nov 22, 1949 (Tuesday)
Hardy Family 1950 Becomes A Bachelor( Carville Club).m ---
Hardy Family - Hot Rod Jalopy.m Jan 31, 1950 (Tuesday)
Hardy Family - Andy's Jangled Nerves( Knitting).m Oct 17, 1950 (Tuesday)
Hardy Family - Horse Race Betting.m Oct 24, 1950 (Tuesday)
Hardy Family - Truth About Marrage.m Apr 3, 1951 (Tuesday)
Hardy Family - Night Watchman( Vanishing Warehouse).m Apr 10, 1951 (Tuesday)
Hardy Family 1952 Andy Loses His Sex Appeal ( Costume Ball).m ---
Hardy Family 1952 Fishing Trip( Rough It At Home).m ---
Hardy Family 1952 Royalty In The Family History.m ---

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