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Listing of "Guest Star-07"

Title Show Date File Size
47 quarter hour shows most at the higher quality of 128kbps. ---
Guest Star was a 1940 public service radio program. ---
produced by the United States Treasury Department. ---
It was intended to to promote the need and importance of the. ---
sales of saving bonds with famous guest stars including actors. ---
singers, and comedians - The total 7 disc collection has 336 shows. ---
Guest Star - e0542 Bernie's Song Gordon Mac Rae. Aug 11, 1957 (Sunday)
Guest Star - e0545 Twinkle, Twinkle Gogi Grant. Sep 1, 1957 (Sunday)
Guest Star - e0548 Gonna Find Me A Bluebird Eddy Arnold. Sep 22, 1957 (Sunday)
Guest Star - e0549 Remember You're Mine Pat Boone. Sep 29, 1957 (Sunday)
Guest Star - e0554 Your Eyes Have Told Johnny Desmond. Nov 3, 1957 (Sunday)
Guest Star - e0555 Benny Goodman Sextet. Nov 10, 1957 (Sunday)
Guest Star - e0557 Paper Moon Nat King Cole. Nov 24, 1957 (Sunday)
Guest Star - e0569 Sleigh Ride Marguerite Piazza. Feb 16, 1958 (Sunday)
Guest Star - e0570 Boppin' The Blues Ricky Nelson. Feb 23, 1958 (Sunday)
Guest Star - e0571 Around The World Gale Storm. Mar 2, 1958 (Sunday)
Guest Star - e0572 Penthouse Serenade Xavier Cugat . Mar 9, 1958 (Sunday)
Guest Star - e0573 Valentina Howard Keel. Mar 16, 1958 (Sunday)
Guest Star - e0574 Twinkle Twinkle Gogi Grant. Mar 23, 1958 (Sunday)
Guest Star - e0575 I Won't Dance Dolores Gray. Mar 30, 1958 (Sunday)
Guest Star - e0576 Love Your Magic Spell Four Lads. Apr 6, 1958 (Sunday)
Guest Star - e0577 The Way You Look Connie Haines. Apr 13, 1958 (Sunday)
Guest Star - e0578 Flirtation Walk Gordon Mac Rae. Apr 20, 1958 (Sunday)
Guest Star - e0579 Hallelujah Roberta Sherwood. Apr 27, 1958 (Sunday)
Guest Star - e0580 Lulu's Back In Town Mel Torme. May 4, 1958 (Sunday)
Guest Star - e0581 Anything Goes June Valli. May 11, 1958 (Sunday)
Guest Star - e0582 Jimmie Rodgers. May 18, 1958 (Sunday)
Guest Star - e0583 The Modernaires. May 25, 1958 (Sunday)
Guest Star - e0584 West Point Glee Club. Jun 1, 1958 (Sunday)
Guest Star - e0587 Thrill Is New King Sisters. Jun 22, 1958 (Sunday)
Guest Star - e0588 Alan Dale. Jun 29, 1958 (Sunday)
Guest Star - e0589 Kathy Barr. Jul 6, 1958 (Sunday)
Guest Star - e0591 Grenada Carla Allberghetti. Jul 20, 1958 (Sunday)
Guest Star - e0592 Golden Dreams Andy Williams. Jul 27, 1958 (Sunday)
Guest Star - e0593 Camptown Races Jeri Southern. Aug 3, 1958 (Sunday)
Guest Star - e0594 Pavane Joel Feeney. Aug 10, 1958 (Sunday)
Guest Star - e0600 La Habanera Chordettes. Sep 21, 1958 (Sunday)
Guest Star - e0621 A Ring On My Finger Les Paul Mary Ford. Feb 15, 1959 (Sunday)
Guest Star - e0640 Johnny Cash. Jun 28, 1959 (Sunday)
Guest Star - e0644 Vaughn Monroe. Jul 26, 1959 (Sunday)
Guest Star - e0675 Art And Dotty Todd. Feb 28, 1960 (Sunday)
Guest Star - e0676 Its A Wonderful Thing Gogi Grant . Mar 6, 1960 (Sunday)
Guest Star - e0677 You're A Sweetheart Gordon Mac Rae. Mar 13, 1960 (Sunday)
Guest Star - e0678 Old Black Magic Margaret Whiting. Mar 20, 1960 (Sunday)
Guest Star - e0743 String Of Pearls Glenn Miller Orch. Jun 18, 1961 (Sunday)
Guest Star - e0744 Somebody's Calling Med Susan Reed. Jun 25, 1961 (Sunday)
Guest Star - e0745 It Ain't Necessarily Robert Merrill. Jul 2, 1961 (Sunday)
Guest Star - e0746 Just In Time Lu Ann Simms. Jul 9, 1961 (Sunday)
Guest Star - e0903 Fine And Dandy Richard Hayes. Jul 12, 1964 (Sunday)
Guest Star - e0904 Put On A Happy Face Jill Corey. Jul 19, 1964 (Sunday)
Guest Star Glow Worm Mills Brother. ---
Guest Star Hey Little Baby Jimmy Rodgers. ---
Guest Star Tea For Two Cha Cha Tommy Dorsey Orch. ---

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