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Listing of "GI Journal-02"

Title Show Date File Size
A variety program produced specifically your the boys in the Armed Forces.m ---
21 files encoded at the higher quality 128 kbps.m ---
GI Journal - e0075 Orson Welles Connie Haines When He Comes Home.m Nov 28, 1944 (Tuesday)
GI Journal - e0076 Bob Hope Dorothy Lamour Air Forces Band Young Man With A Horn.m Dec 5, 1944 (Tuesday)
GI Journal - e0077 Kay Kyser Sweet Georgia Brown.m Dec 12, 1944 (Tuesday)
GI Journal - e0079 Fibber Mc Gee and Molly Frank Sinatra.m Dec 26, 1944 (Tuesday)
GI Journal - e0080 William Bendix Arthur Treacher Together.m Jan 2, 1945 (Tuesday)
GI Journal - e0086 Groucho Marx Lucille Ball Mel Torme Jeepers Creepers.m Feb 13, 1945 (Tuesday)
GI Journal - e0087 Jack Benny Arthur Treacher The Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe.m Feb 20, 1945 (Tuesday)
GI Journal - e0090 Robert Benchley Linda Darnell.m Mar 13, 1945 (Tuesday)
GI Journal - e0091 Monte Wooley William Bendix Connie Haines On Sunny Side Of The Street.m Mar 20, 1945 (Tuesday)
GI Journal - e0093 Bob Hope Lucille Ball Rochester Connie Haines Hubba Hubba Hoy.m Apr 3, 1945 (Tuesday)
GI Journal - e0096 Jack Carson Arthur Treacher Sydney Greenstreet Marie Mac Donald Wanna Eat Juanita.m Apr 24, 1945 (Tuesday)
GI Journal - e0098 Joan Blondell Robert Benchley Ella May Raines Captain Kidd.m May 8, 1945 (Tuesday)
GI Journal - e0099 Kay Kyser Martha O' Driscoll Jeepers Creepers.m May 15, 1945 (Tuesday)
GI Journal - e0101 Alan Ladd Lucille Ball J. Carrol Naish The Choo Choo Polka.m May 29, 1945 (Tuesday)
GI Journal - e0103 Edgar Bergen Rita Hayworth Elvia Allman Without A Song.m Jun 12, 1945 (Tuesday)
GI Journal - e0110 Robert Young Elvia Allman Ann Rutherford Snoqualimie Joe.m Jul 31, 1945 (Tuesday)
GI Journal - e0112 Bing Crosby Alan Jenkins You Belong to My Heart.m Aug 14, 1945 (Tuesday)
GI Journal - e0121 Jack Haley Arthur Treacher Little Coquette.m Oct 16, 1945 (Tuesday)
GI Journal - e0122 Kay Kyser Mervyn Bogue Lynn Bari Her Tears Flowed Like Wine.m Oct 23, 1945 (Tuesday)
GI Journal - e0131 Jack Carson Claire Trevor Ginny Simms Three Little Words.m Dec 25, 1945 (Tuesday)
GI Journal e0012 Bing Crosby Ish Kabibble Arthur Q Bryan Mel Blanc.m ---

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