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Listing of "GI Jive-02"

Title Show Date File Size
GI Jive was a 15-minute radio program transmitted by the Armed Forces Radio Service. ---
as entertainment of soldiers in World War II, most featuring Martha (GI Jill) Wilkerson. ---
50 shows most encoded at 128kbps. ---
GI Jive 1945 e0834 1st Song Swanee River. ---
GI Jive 1945 e0835 1st Song We'll Get It. ---
GI Jive 1945 e0836 1st Song Jumping At The Woodside. ---
GI Jive 1945 e0837 1st Song Eager Beaver. ---
GI Jive 1945 e0838 1st Song Alexander's Rag Time Band. ---
GI Jive 1945 e0839 1st Song Casa Loma Stomp. ---
GI Jive 1945 e0840 1st Song Buckle Down Winsocki. ---
GI Jive 1945 e0841 1st Song The Night Ride. ---
GI Jive 1945 e0842 1st Song I Found A New Baby. ---
GI Jive 1945 e0843 1st Song Honky Tonk Train. ---
GI Jive 1945 e0844 1st Song The Sad Sack. ---
GI Jive 1945 e0845 1st Song Here We Go Again. ---
GI Jive 1945 e0846 1st Song King Porter Stomp. ---
GI Jive 1945 e0847 1st Song The Bugle Call Rag. ---
GI Jive 1945 e0848 1st Song Of India. ---
GI Jive 1945 e0849 1st Song Strictly Instrumental. ---
GI Jive 1945 e0850 1st Song Trumpet Blues. ---
GI Jive 1945 e0851 1st Song Opus Number One. ---
GI Jive 1945 e0852 1st Song King Porter Stomp. ---
GI Jive 1945 e0853 1st Song South Rampart Street Parade. ---
GI Jive 1945 e0854 1st Song Caribbean Clipper. ---
GI Jive 1945 e0855 1st Song South Eager Beaver. ---
GI Jive 1945 e0856 1st Song We'll Get It. ---
GIJIVE 1945 e0859 1st Song The Soldier Jumps. ---
GIJIVE 1945 e0860 1st Song Jivin. ---
GIJIVE 1945 e0867 1st Song Java Junction. ---
GIJIVE 1945 e0868 1st Song American Patrol. ---
GIJIVE 1945 e0875 1st Song Swanee River. ---
GIJIVE 1945 e0876 1st Song Number 19. ---
GI Jive 1945 e0890 Tommy Dorsey Moonlight. ---
GI Jive 1945 e0892 Count Basie GI Stomp. ---
GI Jive 1945 e0901 Tommy Dorsey Opus Number one. ---
GI Jive 1945 e0906 Erskine Hawkins King Po. ---
GI Jive 1945 e0908 Benny Goodman Changes. ---
GI Jive 1945 e0913 1st Song Jumpin At The Woodside. ---
GI Jive 1945 e0914 1st Song Deed I Do. ---
GI Jive 1945 e0920 Harry James 920 Special. ---
GI Jive 1945 e0957 Tommy Dorsey Boogie Woogie. ---
GI Jive 1945 e1003 Tommy Dorsey Opus Number One. ---
GI Jive 1945 e1093 Count Basie Jumpin At The Woodside. ---
GI Jive 1946 e0000 Bob Crosby Java Junction. ---
GI Jive 1948 e1981 Benny Goodman Peggy Lee. ---
GI Jive 1950 e2224. Lucky Millinder Huckle. ---
GI Jive V Disc Glenn Miller. ---
GI Jive w/Benny Goodman Minnie The Moocher's Wedding Day (LQ). ---
GI Jive w/Tommy Dorsey Chicago. ---
Jills All Time Juke Box e029 ' Lullaby in Rythmn' Goodman. ---
Jills All Time Juke Box e040 ' Loch Lomand' Goodman.mp3. ---
Jills All Time Juke Box e048 ' Boogie Woogie' T Dorsey. ---
Jills All Time Juke Box e050 ' Mission to Moscow' Goodman. ---

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