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Listing of "GI Jive-01"

Title Show Date File Size
GI Jive was a 15-minute radio program transmitted by the Armed Forces Radio Service. ---
as entertainment of soldiers in World War II, most featuring Martha (GI Jill) Wilkerson. ---
50 shows most encoded at 128kbps. ---
GI Jive 1943 e0000 Bunny Berigan High Society. ---
GI Jive 1943 e0271 Tommy Dorsey Mandy Make up Your Mind. ---
GI Jive 1943 e0272 Navy Day Carol Bruce Good Queen. ---
GI Jive 1943 e0414 Joe Turner - Joe Turner Blues. ---
GI Jive 1943 e0415 Lucky Millinder Are Your Ready. ---
GI Jive 1943 e0416 Lucky Millinder Apollo Jump. ---
GI Jive 1943 e0417 Phyllis Brooks Ginny Simms. ---
GI Jive 1943 e0449 Donna Reed Erskine Hawkins. ---
GI Jive 1943 e0450 Lester Jay Lucky Millender Jitt. ---
GI Jive 1943 e0459 Glenn Miller Hallelujah. ---
GI Jive 1943 e0460 Ann Rutherford Eddie Miller. ---
GI Jive 1943 e0465 Benny Goodman Lets Dance. ---
GI Jive 1943 e0466 Harry James Back Beat Boogie. ---
GI Jive 1943 e0509 Rhum Boogie. ---
GI Jive 1943 e0510 Tommy Dorsey Boogie Woogie. ---
GI Jive 1943 e0601 1st Song Honey Suckle Rose. ---
GI Jive 1943 e0602 1st Song Blue Lou. ---
GI Jive 1943 e0617 1st Song Rollio Rolling Along. ---
GI Jive 1943 e0618 1st Song Riding Along. ---
GI Jive 1943 e0646 Al Donahue Yes Indeed. ---
GI Jive 1944 e0000 Bunny Berigan Jivin. ---
GI Jive 1944 e0000 Charlie Barnet Cherokee. ---
GI Jive 1944 e0000 Charlie Spivak Soldier Jumpe. ---
GI Jive 1944 e0000 Glenn Miller American Patrol. ---
GI Jive 1944 e0000 Harry James Back Beat Boogie. ---
GI Jive 1944 e0703 1st Song Bugle Call Rag. ---
GI Jive 1944 e0704 1st Song Eager Beaver. ---
GI Jive 1944 e0705 1st Song Blue Skies. ---
GI Jive 1944 e0706 1st Song Blue Lou. ---
GI Jive 1944 e0721 1st Song Sugarfoot Strut. ---
GI Jive 1944 e0722 1st Song For Dancers Only. ---
GI Jive 1944 e0740 Benny Goodman Sugar Foot Stomp. ---
GI Jive 1944 e0755 1st Song Caribbean Clipper. ---
GI Jive 1944 e0756 1st Song Two O Clock Jump. ---
GI Jive 1944 e0784 Woody Herman Woodchoppers Ball. ---
GI Jive 1944 e0829 1st Song Margie. ---
GI Jive 1944 e0830 1st Song Woodchoppers Ball. ---
GI Jive 1944 e0831 1st Song Dipper Mouth Blues. ---
GI Jive 1944 e0832 1st Song Elks Parade. ---
GI Jive 1945 e0000 Artie Shaw Indian Love Call. ---
GI Jive 1945 e0000 Benny Goodman Get Happy. ---
GI Jive 1945 e0000 Bunny Berrigan Deed I Do. ---
GI Jive 1945 e0000 Eddie Miller Stomp Mr Henry . ---
GI Jive 1945 e0000 Harry James Trumpet Blues. ---
GI Jive 1945 e0000 Jimmie Lunceford Jeep Rythmn. ---
GI Jive 1945 e0000 Tommy Dorsey Who. ---
GI Jive 1945 e0000 Woody Herman Woodchoppers Ball. ---
GI Jive 1945 e0700 Tommy Dorsey Well Git It. ---
GI Jive 1945 e0745 w/Bobby Sherwood Elks Parade(LQ). ---
GI Jive 1945 e0803 Harry James Two O Clock Jump. ---
GI Jive 1945 e0833 1st Song Changes. ---

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