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Listing of "Fred Allen-02"

Title Show Date File Size
27 hour and half hour shows featuring comedian Fred Allen.m ---
Some at Higher Quality encode of 128kbps.m ---
Fred Allen - New Format( Search For Dr Livingston).m Oct 4, 1939 (Wednesday)
Fred Allen - Satire on Surveys & Polls w/Bert Lahr.m Oct 11, 1939 (Wednesday)
Fred Allen - Edgar Rice Burroughs.m Oct 13, 1939 (Friday)
Fred Allen - with Billy Rose.m Oct 25, 1939 (Wednesday)
Fred Allen - The Doughnut Czar w/Alfred Plant.m Nov 8, 1939 (Wednesday)
Fred Allen - w/Robert Benchley.m Dec 27, 1939 (Wednesday)
Fred Allen - Mountain Justice w/Joe Louis.m Jan 31, 1940 (Wednesday)
Fred Allen - The Missing Cat.m Feb 21, 1940 (Wednesday)
Fred Allen - Oscar Levant Life at the South Pole.m Feb 28, 1940 (Wednesday)
Fred Allen - Eagle Gets Loose W Capt Charles Knight.m Mar 20, 1940 (Wednesday)
Fred Allen - Allens Reply To NBC About The Eagle Incident.m Mar 25, 1940 (Monday)
Fred Allen - Who Killed Mack Borden w/Walt Disney.m Mar 27, 1940 (Wednesday)
Fred Allen - The Laziest Man In The World.m Apr 7, 1940 (Sunday)
Fred Allen - with Eddie ' Rochester' Anderson (inc).m Apr 24, 1940 (Wednesday)
Fred Allen - Barber College w/Don Magarell.m May 8, 1940 (Wednesday)
Fred Allen - Hillbilly Court w/Jack Boyle.m Jun 12, 1940 (Wednesday)
Town Hall Tonight - Cruise Ship Mystery Kelso Escape Artist.m Mar 10, 1937 (Wednesday)
Town Hall Tonight - St Patrick s Day Show.m Mar 17, 1937 (Wednesday)
Town Hall Tonight - Santa Won't Be Rude w/J Benny.m Dec 22, 1937 (Wednesday)
Town Hall Tonight - The House That Jack Built.m May 18, 1938 (Wednesday)
Town Hall Tonight - Who Stole The Favorite.m May 25, 1938 (Wednesday)
Town Hall Tonight - Satire On Songwriters.m Jun 8, 1938 (Wednesday)
Town Hall Tonight - Telephone Weddings.m Jun 22, 1938 (Wednesday)
Town Hall Tonight - Hillbilly Justice.(15min only).m Dec 7, 1938 (Wednesday)
Town Hall Tonight - Subway Murals (noisy).m Feb 22, 1939 (Wednesday)
Town Hall Tonight - Murder At Madison Square.m Mar 22, 1939 (Wednesday)
Town Hall Tonight - Captain Andy's Riverboat.m Jun 21, 1939 (Wednesday)

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