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Listing of "Ford Theater Complete"

Title Show Date File Size
28 programs many encoded at the higher quality of 64 and 128kbps.m ---
Ford Theater - A Connecticut Yankee w/Karl Swenson Oct 5, 1947 (Sunday)
Ford Theater - Ah Wilderness w/Eric Dressler Nov 2, 1947 (Sunday)
Ford Theater - Carmen Jones w/Muriel Smith Nov 16, 1947 (Sunday)
Ford Theater - The Man Who Played God w/Santos Ortega Ann Seymour.m Dec 21, 1947 (Sunday)
Ford Theater - Father Dear Father Dec 28, 1947 (Sunday)
Ford Theater - Ellery Queen's Adventures Of The Bad Boy Jan 4, 1948 (Sunday)
Ford Theater - Storm in a Teacup w/Les Tremayne Jan 11, 1948 (Sunday)
Ford Theater - Girl Crazy ( Rehearsal) w/Linda Douglas Jan 13, 1948 (Tuesday)
Ford Theater - Girl Crazy ( Broadcast Ver)w Linda Douglas Jan 18, 1948 (Sunday)
Ford Theater - The Green Pastures Feb 1, 1948 (Sunday)
Ford Theater - Abe Lincoln In Illinois Feb 8, 1948 (Sunday)
Ford Theater - Its A Gift Mar 21, 1948 (Sunday)
Ford Theater - The Silver Cord w/Les Tremayne Apr 29, 1948 (Thursday)
Ford Theater - Front Page w/E Sloan E Begley May 9, 1948 (Sunday)
Ford Theater - Counselor At Law w/Les Tremayne May 16, 1948 (Sunday)
Ford Theater - A Star Is Born May 23, 1948 (Sunday)
Ford Theater - Laura w/Virginia Gilmore, John Larkin May 30, 1948 (Sunday)
Ford Theater - Michael And Mary Jun 6, 1948 (Sunday)
Ford Theater - My Sister Eileen w/Shirley Booth (LQ). Jun 13, 1948 (Sunday)
Ford Theater - The Late Christopher Bean Jun 20, 1948 (Sunday)
Ford Theater - Arrowsmith Jun 27, 1948 (Sunday)
Ford Theater - Madam Bovary w/C Rains M Dietrich Van Heflin Oct 8, 1948 (Friday)
Ford Theater - Double Indemnity w/Burt Lancaster Joan Bennett Oct 15, 1948 (Friday)
Ford Theater - Of Human Bondage w/Ray Milland Oct 29, 1948 (Friday)
Ford Theater - Anna Christie w/Ray Milland Jan 21, 1949 (Friday)
Ford Theater - The Horn Blows At Midnight w/Jack Benny Mar 4, 1949 (Friday)
Ford Theater - Wuthering Heights w/Montgomery Clift Apr 1, 1949 (Friday)
Ford Theater - A Farewell to Arms w/Helen Hayes. Jun 24, 1949 (Friday)

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