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Listing of "Firefighters-01"

Title Show Date File Size
Firefighters e0001 Tim Collins' First Day On The Job ---
Firefighters e0002 Search For Who Turned In False Alarm ---
Firefighters e0003 Is Jimmy Responsible For False Alarms ---
Firefighters e0004 Jimmy Not Responsible For Alarms ---
Firefighters e0005 Tim Doesn't Get His Appointment ---
Firefighters e0006 Fire At Tim's House Is Put Out ---
Firefighters e0007 Tim Finally Makes The Fire Department ---
Firefighters e0008 Tim Tries To Save A Man ---
Firefighters e0009 Tim Trapped And Fights For Fresh Air ---
Firefighters e0010 Chief Cody Orders More Men To Rescue Tim ---
Firefighters e0011 Tim And The Watchman Are Saved ---
Firefighters e0012 How The Fire Started Is Solved ---
Firefighters e0013 Tenement Fire Traps A Woman & Her Baby ---
Firefighters e0014 Woman & Baby Saved ---
Firefighters e0015 Tim Tries To Save Wife Of Arsonist ---
Firefighters e0016 Woman Is Saved And Tim Rescued ---
Firefighters e0017 Man Confesses To Starting Fires ---
Firefighters e0018 Tim To North Side School To Give Talk ---
Firefighters e0019 School Fire, Tim On Special Assignment ---
Firefighters e0020 Tim transferred to Engine Company 209 ---
Firefighters e0021 Tim & Lt. Greenspan Search For Fire ---
Firefighters e0022 Towboat Owner Mad At The Firefighters ---
Firefighters e0023 Chief Cody Finds Towboat Owner At Fault ---
Firefighters e0024 Bad Trouble For The Chief ---
Firefighters e0025 Chief Cody Talks With Nightclub Owner ---
Firefighters e0026 Plans To Help The Chief Are Made ---
Firefighters e0027 Chief Cody Threatens To Resign His Post ---
Firefighters e0028 Young Boys Are Setting Small Fires ---
Firefighters e0029 Tim Dresses As Bum To Catch Kids ---
Firefighters e0030 Tim Is Trapped And Puts Out Fire ---
Firefighters e0031 An Illusion Maker With Phosphorus ---
Firefighters e0032 Tim & The Chief Attend A Demonstration ---
Firefighters e0033 Everyone escapes and the fire is put out ---
Firefighters e0034 Fire Department Displays Equipment ---
Firefighters e0035 Idea For A Fire Fighting Tug Boat ---
Firefighters e0036 Tim's New Job - Fire Fighting Tug Boat ---
Firefighters e0037 Bad Fire Aboard A Grain Ship ---
Firefighters e0038 Fire Is Put Out By Tug Boat Crew ---
Firefighters e0039 Tim On Vacation To See His Cousin ---
Firefighters e0040 Problems Of Volunteer Fire Department ---
Firefighters e0041 Chief Talks With Tim About His Ideas ---
Firefighters e0042 Chief And Tim Have An Idea To Haul Water ---
Firefighters e0043 A Forest Fire Breaks Out ---
Firefighters e0044 Two Boys Are Trapped By The Fire ---
Firefighters e0045 Tim, Jim & Pete Are Safe In A Cave ---
Firefighters e0046 Fire Under Control ---
Firefighters e0047 Fire Stopped & Chief Cody Offered Job ---
Firefighters e0048 Tim Attends A Fire Fighters School ---
Firefighters e0049 Tim And His Crew Rescue A Cat In A Tree ---
Firefighters e0050 Jimmy Collins Is Upset About Something ---
Firefighters e0051 Problems With Jimmy & Whitey ---
Firefighters e0052 North Side Junior Fire Fighters Problems ---
Firefighters e0053 Jimmy & Whitey Back Together Again ---
Firefighters e0054 Tracking Down Unsafe Electric Cords ---
Firefighters e0055 Stopping People From Using Cords ---
Firefighters e0056 Another Fire Starts From Using Bad Cords ---
Firefighters e0057 Man Caught Selling Bad Electric Cords ---
Firefighters e0058 Problems With Drivers Going To Fires ---
Firefighters e0059 Two Men Start Turning In False Alarms ---
Firefighters e0060 Men Continue Pulling False Alarms ---
Firefighters e0061 The Chief & Tim Try To Catch The Two Men ---
Firefighters e0062 Railroad Flats Discussed As Dangerous ---
Firefighters e0063 Children Trapped In Apartment Fire ---
Firefighters e0064 Children Are Saved From The Fire ---
Firefighters e0065 Chief Talks About Fire Fighting ---
Firefighters e0066 A Fire That Almost Destroyed The City ---
Firefighters e0067 The Chief Finishes Story About Big Fire ---
Firefighters e0068 Tim Might Be Promoted To Lieutenant ---
Firefighters e0069 Tim To Make Choice About His Future ---
Firefighters e0070 Tim Assigned To Play At Northside School ---
Firefighters e0071 Planning For School Play Is Started ---
Firefighters e0072 Plays Ending Not Rehearsed ---
Firefighters e0073 Chief Cody Saves Play At The End ---
Firefighters e0074 Tim Joins The Rescue Unit, Men Not Happy ---
Firefighters e0075 Tim's New Assignment Isn't Starting Easy ---
Firefighters e0076 A Joke Is Pulled On Tim During A Fight ---
Firefighters e0077 Man Is Trapped In A Vault During Fire ---
Firefighters e0078 Efforts Are Made To Open The Safe ---
Firefighters e0079 Rescue Started To Get Man Out Of Safe ---
Firefighters e0080 Man Saved From The Vault In Basement ---
Firefighters e0081 Tim Is Liked In Rescue Department ---
Firefighters e0082 Tim To Go On A Strange Fishing Trip ---
Firefighters e0083 Tim Learns Hard Hat Diving Equipment ---
Firefighters e0084 Counterfeit Plates Found Underwater ---
Firefighters e0085 Chief Gives Counterfeit Plates To Police ---
Firefighters e0086 Fireman Missing, Linked To The Plates ---
Firefighters e0087 Tim Has Idea To Find Missing Fireman ---
Firefighters e0088 Fireman Is Found, Says He Is Innocent ---
Firefighters e0089 Firemen Work To Save Man Thought Drowned ---
Firefighters e0090 The Fireman Is Cleared About Plates ---
Firefighters e0091 Possibly Gasoline In Oil Tank ---
Firefighters e0092 Gasoline In Oil Tank, Furnace Is Started ---
Firefighters e0093 A Valve Must Be Closed To Stop Explosion ---
Firefighters e0094 Jimmy Crawls Into Area Where Valve Is ---
Firefighters e0095 Jimmy With Tim's Help Gets Valve Shut ---
Firefighters e0096 Jimmy & Trudy Collect Things For Sale ---
Firefighters e0097 Jimmy & Trudy Discover Fire At A Mansion ---
Firefighters e0098 Jimmy & Trudy Blamed For Fire ---
Firefighters e0099 Tim & Chief To Determine How Fire Started ---
Firefighters e0100 Mrs. Wilcox Shown How Fire Started ---
Firefighters e0101 Oil Fire On The Waterfront ---
Firefighters e0102 Tug Boat Tries To Move Barge With Fire ---
Firefighters e0103 Barge Breaks Loose And Threatens Docks ---
Firefighters e0104 The Barge Is Moved Away From Docks ---
Firefighters e0105 Barge Fire Is Put Out And Danger Is Over ---
Firefighters e0106 Everyone Collecting Items For A Sale ---
Firefighters e0107 A Valuable Snuff Box Disappears ---
Firefighters e0108 Mr. Darby Is Locked In His Vault ---
Firefighters e0109 Mr. Darby Discovered Locked In Vault ---
Firefighters e0110 Mr. Darby Is Freed, Gives Back Snuff Box ---
Firefighters e0111 The Chief Investigates Several Fires ---
Firefighters e0112 Tim Starts An Investigation Into Fires ---
Firefighters e0113 The Fires Are Starting Inside Mattresses ---
Firefighters e0114 Drive To Round Up All The Mattresses ---
Firefighters e0115 Cotton Seeds, Answer To Mattress Fires ---
Firefighters e0116 Chief Cody On Vacation, Skyscraper Fire ---
Firefighters e0117 Jim & Jack Into Building To Save Someone ---
Firefighters e0118 Tim Starts Up The Side Of The Building ---
Firefighters e0119 Tim Reaches Trapped Woman & Jack ---
Firefighters e0120 Tim Gets Jack & Woman Out Safety ---
Firefighters e0121 Chief Cody Back, Problems With Monkeys ---
Firefighters e0122 Everyone Is Trying To Catch The Monkeys ---
Firefighters e0123 Most Of The Monkeys Are Caught ---
Firefighters e0124 An Idea, Get Snake To Catch The Monkeys ---
Firefighters e0125 Snake Used And All The Monkeys Caught ---
Firefighters e0126 A Friend Of Tim's Is Trapped In A Fire ---
Firefighters e0127 Tim's Friend Saved, Floor May Collapse ---
Firefighters e0128 Tim Is Trapped Under The Collapsed Floor ---
Firefighters e0129 Tim Taps On Steam Pipe Saying He's Alive ---
Firefighters e0130 With A Steam Shovel, Tim Is Freed ---
Firefighters e0131 Chief Cody & Tim Leave For Vacation ---
Firefighters e0132 The Plane Is On Fire In Baggage Area ---
Firefighters e0133 Tim May Parachute To Save The Plane ---
Firefighters e0134 Tim Tries To Find Runway Lights ---
Firefighters e0135 Automobile Headlights To Light Runway ---
Firefighters e0136 Tim Meets Chief Friend, Start Vacation ---
Firefighters e0137 Several Fires In A Small Town ---
Firefighters e0138 Small Town Newspaper Burns ---
Firefighters e0139 Campaign Started For Full Time Firemen ---
Firefighters e0140 Tom Calpepper To Oppose The Town's Mayor ---

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