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Listing of "Fabulous Dr Tweedy Frank Morgan Show And Fountain Of Fun"

Title Show Date File Size
25 files of 3 different shows 2 of them are comedy.mp ---
shows starring Frank Morgan.m ---
The Frank Morgan Show is also known as Barnaby.m ---
Fountain of fun is a musical and variety show.m ---
that takes place at a soda fountain.m ---
Fabulous Dr Tweedy - Patsy (LQ - Skips-echos)(AFRS).m Jul 21, 1946 (Sunday)
Fabulous Dr Tweedy - Mrs Potts Vacation w/Frank Morgan.m Sep 1, 1946 (Sunday)
Fabulous Dr Tweedy - The Athletic Trophies w/Frank Morgan.m Jan 8, 1947 (Wednesday)
Fabulous Dr Tweedy - Valentine's Day Dance w/Frank Morgan.m Feb 12, 1947 (Wednesday)
Fabulous Dr Tweedy - Baby on Doorstep w/Frank Morgan.m Feb 26, 1947 (Wednesday)
Fabulous Dr Tweedy - Mink & Convertible w/Frank Morgan.m Mar 12, 1947 (Wednesday)
Fabulous Dr Tweedy - Girl Takes Sidney From Mary w/Frank Morgan.m Mar 19, 1947 (Wednesday)
Fountain Of Fun - I Want To Be Happy.m Oct 11, 1942 (Sunday)
Fountain Of Fun - Scrap Drive.m Oct 18, 1942 (Sunday)
Fountain Of Fun - Hitler, Hirohito And Mussolini.m Oct 25, 1942 (Sunday)
Fountain Of Fun - Father Flanagan And His Boy's Town.m Nov 1, 1942 (Sunday)
Fountain Of Fun - Wartime Turkey Shortage.m Nov 22, 1942 (Sunday)
Fountain Of Fun - Pinball Machine.m Nov 29, 1942 (Sunday)
Fountain Of Fun - Frozen Klondike.m Dec 6, 1942 (Sunday)
Fountain Of Fun - Visit To Santa's Workshop.m Dec 20, 1942 (Sunday)
Fountain Of Fun - First Joke Working At The Opera.m Nov 14, 1943 (Sunday)
Fountain Of Fun - First Joke Playing The Pinball Machine.m Nov 21, 1943 (Sunday)
Fountain Of Fun - First Joke Winning At Bingo.m Nov 28, 1943 (Sunday)
Fountain Of Fun - First Joke The Rooming House.m Dec 5, 1943 (Sunday)
Fountain Of Fun - First Joke The Christmas Tree.m Dec 19, 1943 (Sunday)
Fountain Of Fun - First Joke Income Tax.m Jan 23, 1944 (Sunday)
Frank Morgan Show - Frank The Mind Reader (AFRS).m Oct 5, 1944 (Thursday)
Frank Morgan Show - (AFRS).m Oct 12, 1944 (Thursday)
Frank Morgan Show - Frank And Eskimos.m Dec 7, 1944 (Thursday)
Frank Morgan Show - Planting A Victory Garden ( Audition).m Jun 12, 1945 (Tuesday)

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