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Listing of "Eyes Aloft"

Title Show Date File Size
21 half hour programs commending Aircraft Warning Service volunteers and dramatized their true stories.mp ---
Eyes Aloft - e001 Introduction to the Aircraft Warning Service and Ground Observer Corps [ Premiere] Aug 17, 1942 (Monday)
Eyes Aloft - e002 The Strange Case of the Capitol Dome Aug 24, 1942 (Monday)
Eyes Aloft - e004 Gayne Whitman Sep 7, 1942 (Monday)
Eyes Aloft - e007 Royal Air Force Tribute Sep 28, 1942 (Monday)
Eyes Aloft - e008 Ken Carpenter Oct 5, 1942 (Monday)
Eyes Aloft - e009 Son Takes over for Dad Oct 12, 1942 (Monday)
Eyes Aloft - e010 Give a Man a Bicycle Oct 19, 1942 (Monday)
Eyes Aloft - e011 Tribute to Navy Day Oct 26, 1942 (Monday)
Eyes Aloft - e013 How a Filter Center Works Nov 9, 1942 (Monday)
Eyes Aloft - e014 Gas Rationing News Nov 16, 1942 (Monday)
Eyes Aloft - e015 The Santa Maria Idea Nov 23, 1942 (Monday)
Eyes Aloft - e016 The Dog Who Barks at Planes Nov 30, 1942 (Monday)
Eyes Aloft - e017 Special Pearl Harbor Memorial Dec 7, 1942 (Monday)
Eyes Aloft - e018 Maisie and the Observer's Shack Dec 14, 1942 (Monday)
Eyes Aloft - e019 Those Who Watch Dec 21, 1942 (Monday)
Eyes Aloft - e022 Why Do I Come Here Jan 11, 1943 (Monday)
Eyes Aloft - e023 Contest Winner Jan 18, 1943 (Monday)
Eyes Aloft - e024 Great American Story Jan 25, 1943 (Monday)
Eyes Aloft - e025 Kingsmen Feb 1, 1943 (Monday)
Eyes Aloft - e026 The Hollywood Men Feb 8, 1943 (Monday)
Eyes Aloft - e027 Will WA Cs Take over Ground Observer Corps Feb 15, 1943 (Monday)

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