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Listing of "Epic Casebook-02"

Title Show Date File Size
23 shows recorded at 128kbps.m ---
A South African program detective mystery program.m ---
Epic Casebook 1964 Switch on for Death.m ---
Epic Casebook 1964 The Clue That Never Was.m ---
Epic Casebook 1964 The Final Chapter.m ---
Epic Casebook 1964 The Rapture of Death.m ---
Epic Casebook 1964 The Snatch from Death.m ---
Epic Casebook 1964 The Traffic of Death.m ---
Epic Casebook 1964 The Waters of Death.m ---
Epic Casebook 1964 Til Death Do Us Part.m ---
Epic Casebook 1964 Too Close a Shave.m ---
Epic Casebook 1964 Warnings Anonymous.m ---
Epic Casebook - No Holds Barred.m Dec 8, 1967 (Friday)
Epic Casebook - Death Among the Sleepers.m Apr 4, 1968 (Thursday)
Epic Casebook - The Threads of Death.m Jun 13, 1968 (Thursday)
Epic Casebook 1969 The Fall of a Rich Girl.m ---
Epic Casebook 1969 The Final Interest.m ---
Epic Casebook - Murder in the Bag.m Oct 2, 1969 (Thursday)
Epic Casebook - Antithesis of Life.m Nov 9, 1969 (Sunday)
Epic Casebook - Death Is the Victor.m Dec 4, 1969 (Thursday)
Epic Casebook - Death on the Counterfoil.m Dec 11, 1969 (Thursday)
Epic Casebook - No Holds Barred.m Jan 8, 1970 (Thursday)
Epic Casebook - The Waters of Death (2).m Mar 19, 1970 (Thursday)
Epic Casebook - An Authors Ending.m Sep 13, 1972 (Wednesday)
Epic Casebook - More Precious Than Life.m Aug 11, 1973 (Saturday)

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