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Listing of "Dr Six Gun-01"

Title Show Date File Size
28 shows almost all encoded at the higher quality of 128kbps. ---
Dr Six Gun - Indian Chiefs Son Poisoned Sep 2, 1954 (Thursday)
Dr Six Gun - Bartender And Project Investment Sep 9, 1954 (Thursday)
Dr Six Gun - The Bell & The Baby Sep 16, 1954 (Thursday)
Dr Six Gun - Choice Between Yom Kippur And Dueling Sep 23, 1954 (Thursday)
Dr Six Gun - Colonel Crown is a Madman Sep 30, 1954 (Thursday)
Dr Six Gun - Fred Garth Framed For Murder Oct 7, 1954 (Thursday)
Dr Six Gun - Charlie Aarons Daughter Oct 14, 1954 (Thursday)
Dr Six Gun - The Immigrant Settler Oct 21, 1954 (Thursday)
Dr Six Gun - Last Of The Aztecs Oct 24, 1954 (Sunday)
Dr Six Gun - No Guns Law Oct 31, 1954 (Sunday)
Dr Six Gun - Attonement For Cowardance Nov 7, 1954 (Sunday)
Dr Six Gun - Ringo Kane Gunfighter Nov 21, 1954 (Sunday)
Dr Six Gun - Jeb Oliver Stage Hold Up Nov 28, 1954 (Sunday)
Dr Six Gun - New Shoolteacher Dec 5, 1954 (Sunday)
Dr Six Gun - Willie Has A Land Deed Dec 12, 1954 (Sunday)
Dr Six Gun - A Pony For Christmas(LQ-GAPS) Dec 19, 1954 (Sunday)
Dr Six Gun Baby Lilly & Belle ---
Dr Six Gun Baseball At Frenchman's Ford ---
Dr Six Gun Captain Langdon's Honor ---
Dr Six Gun Condemned Man's Marriage Of Convenience ---
Dr Six Gun Eddie Baker Had It Coming ---
Dr Six Gun Judge Parson's 12 Man Gallows ---
Dr Six Gun Kung Lee Sin ---
Dr Six Gun Mark Corning's Mail Order Bride ---
Dr Six Gun Newspaper Arrives In Frenchman Ford ---
Dr Six Gun Oberdorfer Electric Belt ---
Dr Six Gun Old Man Hastings ---
Dr Six Gun Willie The Wisp ---

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