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Listing of "Danny Kaye"

Title Show Date File Size
19 files many are encoded at the higher quality of 64 and 128 kbps. ---
Danny Kaye - Guest - Eddie Cantor Jan 6, 1945 (Saturday)
Danny Kaye - Life Of Danny Kaye Jan 13, 1945 (Saturday)
Danny Kaye - Milking Machine Jan 20, 1945 (Saturday)
Danny Kaye - Plane Trip To Washington Jan 27, 1945 (Saturday)
Danny Kaye - Baby From Washington Feb 3, 1945 (Saturday)
Danny Kaye - Valentine For Jack Benny Feb 10, 1945 (Saturday)
Danny Kaye - Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks(inc) Feb 17, 1945 (Saturday)
Danny Kaye - Danny's Little Theatre Feb 24, 1945 (Saturday)
Danny Kaye - New Playhouse Opening Night Mar 3, 1945 (Saturday)
Danny Kaye - Germs Mar 10, 1945 (Saturday)
Danny Kaye - Uncle Dan's Cabin Mar 17, 1945 (Saturday)
Danny Kaye - Mystery of the Murdered Meatball Mar 24, 1945 (Saturday)
Danny Kaye - The Great Donivitch Kayeoff Mar 31, 1945 (Saturday)
Danny Kaye - Danny Returns From New York Apr 7, 1945 (Saturday)
Danny Kaye - One Irish Man's Family Apr 14, 1945 (Saturday)
Danny Kaye - Guest Benny Rubin May 11, 1945 (Friday)
Danny Kaye - Frank Sinatra& Judy Garlands 1955 Romance Oct 4, 1945 (Thursday)
Danny Kaye - His Own Guest Star Jan 25, 1946 (Friday)
Danny Kaye - The Wife of O' Riley Mar 1, 1946 (Friday)

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