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Listing of "Collection Soaps-01"

Title Show Date File Size
Many of the rarer soap operas.mp ---
78 files many encoded at the higher quality of 64 and 128kbps.m ---
Adopted Daughter - Jonathan Has Land Problems.m Aug 9, 1939 (Wednesday)
Affairs Of Dr Gentry - Will John Stand Behind Sandra.m Jan 24, 1957 (Thursday)
Arnold Grimms Daughter - Stan Has A Surprise For Connie.m Aug 31, 1939 (Thursday)
Bachelors Children - Day Of The wedding.m Jan 24, 1939 (Tuesday)
Bachelors Children - Nancy Is Fragile.m Sep 3, 1943 (Friday)
Bob And Victoria - Larry And Candy Plot.m Mar 10, 1947 (Monday)
Bob And Victoria - Vicky Jealous Of Candy.m Apr 4, 1947 (Friday)
Carolyn Day Detective Audition 1.m ---
Carolyn Day Detective Audition 2.m ---
Carolyn Day Detective Audition 3.m ---
Carolyn Day Detective Audition 4.m ---
Carolyn Day Detective Audition 5.m ---
Carolyn Day Detective Audition 6.m ---
Clara Lu And Em - Girls Hire a NYC Hack.m Jul 5, 1934 (Thursday)
Clara Lu And Em - Planning Lus Wedding.m Jun 28, 1935 (Friday)
Clara Lu And Em - Lu Opens Her Wedding Gifts.m Jul 1, 1935 (Monday)
Clara Lu And Em - Are Men the Weaker Sex.m Jan 6, 1936 (Monday)
Clara Lu And Em - Clara Buys 10 lb of Sugar.m Jun 8, 1942 (Monday)
Clara Lu And Em - A New Baby.m Jul 31, 1942 (Friday)
Clara Lu And Em - $3.00 is A Small Fortune.m Aug 12, 1942 (Wednesday)
Clara Lu And Em - Ems Boy Junior ( Partial).m Nov 9, 1942 (Monday)
Clara Lu And Em - Em Gives a Party.m Nov 13, 1942 (Friday)
Clara Lu And Em - Grandpa Complains About the Party.m Nov 16, 1942 (Monday)
Clara Lu And Em - Christmas Presents.m Dec 2, 1942 (Wednesday)
Clara Lu And Em - Grandpa Buys a Pig ( Partial) ( Last Show).m Dec 4, 1942 (Friday)
Clara Lu And Em Information About Clara Lu N Em.m ---
Clara Lu And Em Interviews.m ---
Clara Lu And Em Theme Music.m ---
Dear John - e004.m Oct 6, 1940 (Sunday)
Dear John Book04 Letter 048(40s).m ---
Dear John Book04 Letter 049(40s).m ---
Front Page Farrell 1943 Isolated Episode.m ---
Front Page Farrell - Man Who Knew All Angles.m Jun 15, 1949 (Wednesday)
Front Page Farrell - Fatal Smile.m Jun 20, 1949 (Monday)
Front Page Farrell - High Explosive.m Aug 16, 1949 (Tuesday)
Front Page Farrell - Mysterious Killer.m Aug 31, 1949 (Wednesday)
Front Page Farrell e001 The Lady And The Cheetah.m ---
Front Page Farrell e002 The Lady And The Cheetah.m ---
Front Page Farrell e003 The Lady And The Cheetah.m ---
Hilltop House - Bess Stops an Argument About Love Between the Twins Jerry And.m Sep 21, 1939 (Thursday)
Hilltop House - Dr Browning Gives Julie the Wrong Letter About Reid.m Jul 17, 1953 (Friday)
Hilltop House - Hawaiian Honeymoon Plans.m Jul 20, 1953 (Monday)
Hilltop House - Nina Lies to Julie About Reids Condition.m Jul 21, 1953 (Tuesday)
Hilltop House - Plans for the Wedding Proceed, but Neither the Bride nor the Groom Know.m Jul 22, 1953 (Wednesday)
Hilltop House - Dr Browning Decides Not to Tell Reid the Bad News.m Jul 23, 1953 (Thursday)
Hilltop House - Reid Overhears the Truth.m Jul 24, 1953 (Friday)
Hilltop House - Julie and Reid Attend Babs Sweet Sixteen Party, but Babs May Get Burned.m Oct 16, 1953 (Friday)
Hilltop House - Mrs Klabber Tells Babs to Keep Away from Leonard.m Oct 23, 1953 (Friday)
Hilltop House - Babs Is Hurt by Leonard, but She Doesnt Yet Realize How Cold and Calculating.m Oct 26, 1953 (Monday)
Hilltop House - Julie Finds Babs in Tears, Heartbroken That Leonard Doesnt Love Her Because.m Oct 27, 1953 (Tuesday)
Hilltop House - Babs Visits.m Oct 28, 1953 (Wednesday)
Hilltop House - Family Squabble.m Oct 29, 1953 (Thursday)
Hilltop House - Orphan Woes.m Oct 30, 1953 (Friday)
Hilltop House - Dinner Guests.m Nov 2, 1953 (Monday)
Hilltop House - Leonard Sets Conrad Up.m Dec 15, 1953 (Tuesday)
Hoofers 1930s e0005 (inc.).m ---
Hoofers 1930s e0006 (inc.).m ---
Hoofers 1930s e0011.m ---
Hoofers 1930s e0012.m ---
Hoofers 1930s e0013.m ---
Hoofers 1930s e0014.m ---
Hoofers 1930s e0016.m ---
Hoofers 1930s e0017.m ---
Hoofers 1930s e0018.m ---
Hoofers 1930s e0019.m ---
Hoofers 1930s e0020.m ---
Hoofers 1930s e0021.m ---
Hoofers 1930s e0022.m ---
Hoofers 1930s e0023.m ---
Hoofers 1930s e0024.m ---
Hoofers 1930s e0025.m ---
Hoofers 1930s e0026.m ---
Hoofers 1930s e0027.m ---
Hoofers 1930s e0028.m ---
Hoofers 1930s e0029.m ---
Hoofers 1930s e0030.m ---
House Of Glass - Madame Shuman Heink.m Nov 13, 1935 (Wednesday)
Johns Other Wife - Johns Relapse.m Nov 30, 1938 (Wednesday)

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