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Listing of "Collection Real Radio-06"

Title Show Date File Size
Real and Reality based programs.m ---
47 files some are encoded at the higher quality of 64 and 128 kbps.m ---
Stories Of Light And Shadows Of New York Ditto Dan The Capable Cop.m ---
Summer In Maryland - Tourism Show From WBAL (excerpt).m Jul 5, 1950 (Wednesday)
Supreme Court Bulwark Of Persona Liberty 1937 Address By Historian James T Adams.m ---
Those Sensational Years - Sinking of the Vestris.m Apr 17, 1947 (Thursday)
Tom Powers Life Studies - Radio Tower.m Dec 23, 1936 (Wednesday)
Town Crier - 20 Years Of Popular Music.m Oct 6, 1933 (Friday)
Town Crier 1938 Salute to James Barrie.m ---
Traitor Within - Cancer.m Apr 12, 1953 (Sunday)
Transatlantic Call - Getting To Know Britain.m Sep 21, 1944 (Thursday)
Transatlantic Call - British Humor.m Oct 1, 1944 (Sunday)
Troman Harper Rumor Det - Do GI s Eat Alfalfa.m Dec 20, 1942 (Sunday)
Troman Harper Rumor Det - Are All Chinese Communists.m Oct 24, 1943 (Sunday)
Trouble Is My Business Pubic Welfare Service Program.m ---
Universe On Parade - Salute to The Fourth Of July.m Jul 3, 1945 (Tuesday)
University Explorer e1346 The Missing Chapter.m ---
University Explorer e1356 The Dollar Umbrella.m ---
University Explorer e1358 Not For a Cold.m ---
University Explorer e1359 Keys to Parenthood.m ---
Virginia Marvin Show - Virginia Gregg [ Audition Partial].m Nov 13, 1947 (Thursday)
Voice Of Broadway - w/Bob Hope& Dorothy Killgallen.m Jan 18, 1945 (Thursday)
Voice Of The Nation - National Newspaper Editorials Featured.m Jul 22, 1948 (Thursday)
Voices Of Vista - Guest Woody Allen.m Oct 17, 1965 (Sunday)
Voices Of Vista - Guests Mabel Mercer And Alec Wilder.m Oct 24, 1965 (Sunday)
Walt Disney Productions Your Trip To Disneyland.m ---
We Hold These Truths - Bill Of Rights w/J Stewart&FDR.m Dec 15, 1941 (Monday)
Welcome Travelers - First Guests Mr & Mrs Gus Tobel.m Aug 29, 1950 (Tuesday)
Welcome Travelers - First Guest Ronald Mac Pherson.m Apr 12, 1953 (Sunday)
Welcome Travelers - First Guest Ronald Mac Pherson.m Apr 12, 1953 (Sunday)
Whats New In Agriculture - e01 Grass Silage and Lard.m ---
White Fires Of Inspiration 1937 Alice in Wonderland.m ---
White Fires Of Inspiration 1937 Mary Ann Evans.m ---
White Fires Of Inspiration - Steven Foster.m Oct 10, 1938 (Monday)
Wilkins Amateur Hour - e514 Opens with Accordionist John Valatta.m Dec 31, 1950 (Sunday)
Willie Piper Show 1947-08 ABC promotional announcments.m ---
WLAV 1950 10th Anniversary private wire recording.m ---
WOR Drama Critics Circle Award Special - A Streetcar Named Desire.m Apr 4, 1948 (Sunday)
Works Progress Admin Presents1937 e006.m ---
Works Progress Admin Presents1937 e010.m ---
Works Progress Admin Presents1938 e053.m ---
World Tommorow - The Fourth World.m Jun 17, 1974 (Monday)
World Tommorow - Death And The Population.m Jun 20, 1974 (Thursday)
World We Live In - e03 The Ocean of Air.m Apr 16, 1954 (Friday)
World We Live In - e04 The Great Age of Dinosaurs.m Apr 23, 1954 (Friday)
Year In Review - Review Of 1944.m Dec 31, 1944 (Sunday)
Your Hometown Reporter - Audition No Sponsor.m Oct 11, 1948 (Monday)
Your Hometown Reporter - Audition With Sponsor.m Oct 11, 1948 (Monday)
Your Land And Mine - The Right to Strike.m Jan 20, 1947 (Monday)

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