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Listing of "Collection Real Radio-05"

Title Show Date File Size
Real and Reality based programs.m ---
51 files some are encoded at the higher quality of 64 and 128 kbps.m ---
Marconi Memorial Program - WOR Tribute to Guglielmo Marconi.m Jul 20, 1937 (Tuesday)
Morning Melodies e1217 Monday Dixieland Breakfast Club (AFRS).m ---
Morning Melodies e1218 Tues Mindy Carsons (AFRS).m ---
My Lucky Break - Shirley Temples10th Birthday.m Apr 23, 1939 (Sunday)
My Secret Story - Phony Hillbilly Singers Fall In Love.m Feb 20, 1954 (Saturday)
Mystery Chef 1944 Butter Stretcher Recipe ( Cracked Master).m ---
New York Tonight - Happenings in NYC.m Oct 15, 1947 (Wednesday)
Nightmare At Noon - Read By Henry Hull(skips).m May 18, 1941 (Sunday)
Old Fashioned Revival Hour 1955 Charles E Fuller.m ---
Once Upon Our Time - .m Jan 11, 1947 (Saturday)
Once Upon Our Time - .m Feb 22, 1947 (Saturday)
Once Upon Our Time - .m Aug 25, 1947 (Monday)
One Out Of Seven - Senator Theadore Bilbo.m Feb 6, 1946 (Wednesday)
One Out Of Seven - Brotherhood Week.m Feb 27, 1946 (Wednesday)
One Out Of Seven - Third World War.m Mar 13, 1946 (Wednesday)
One Out Of Seven - Anti Negro South.m Mar 20, 1946 (Wednesday)
Operation Nightmare - Displacement Camps.m Apr 3, 1947 (Thursday)
Operation Nightmare - One Year Later w/Al Jolson.m Apr 10, 1948 (Saturday)
Passing Parade 1940s e0009 Franz Anton Mesmer.m ---
Passing Parade 1940s e0010 The Story Of Elizabeth Woodcock.m ---
Passing Parade 1940s e0019 Two Alchemists Try to Create Gold.m ---
Passing Parade e0020 Woman in coma for 9 years & wakes up.m ---
Passing Parade e0023 Wild Jack Howard, the Man Who Searched for Death.m ---
Passing Parade e0024 Man in search of fairy tales.m ---
Passing Parade e0047 Mount Palomar Telescope pt1 of 2.m ---
Passing Parade e0048 Mount Palomar Telescope pt2 of 2.m ---
People Take The Lead 1955 Battle of Fraternity Row.m ---
People Take The Lead 1955 Termites in the House.m ---
People Take The Lead 1955 They Can't Wait.m ---
People Take The Lead 1955 You Hold the Key.m ---
Popular Science Magazine Self Starter for A Dead Man's Heart.m ---
Ralph Storys Backyard - Opening Cut5 Min.m Jan 15, 1954 (Friday)
Rawhide - Salute to 1951.m Dec 31, 1951 (Monday)
Report Uncensored - Juvenile Delinquency In Chicago.m Aug 4, 1947 (Monday)
Scout About Town - Monica Lewis.m Oct 10, 1946 (Thursday)
Scout About Town - Annamary Dickey.m Oct 17, 1946 (Thursday)
Scout About Town - Paul Vallard.m Oct 31, 1946 (Thursday)
Scout About Town - Mitzi Green.m Jul 1, 1947 (Tuesday)
Scout About Town - Patricia Bright.m Jul 16, 1947 (Wednesday)
Scout About Town - Bobby Breen.m Jul 30, 1947 (Wednesday)
Scout About Town - Martin and Lewis.m Aug 5, 1947 (Tuesday)
Scout About Town - Beatrice Kay.m Aug 26, 1947 (Tuesday)
Scout About Town - Morey Amsterdam.m Sep 3, 1947 (Wednesday)
Scout About Town - Peggy Mann.m Sep 19, 1947 (Friday)
Scrapbook Of Sound 1971 Salute To Old Commercials KEX With Victor Ives.m ---
Somebody Knows - Unsolved Murder of Joseph P Boha.m Jul 30, 1950 (Sunday)
Somebody Knows - Black Dahlia (inc).m Aug 24, 1950 (Thursday)
Special - Eddie Cantor Speaks For Youth.m Jan 9, 1943 (Saturday)
Special - Mount Wilson Ground Breaking.m Nov 29, 1944 (Wednesday)
Special Election Program - Roosevelt for President.m Nov 6, 1944 (Monday)
Speech Marilyn Monroe Happy Birthday to Kennedy.m ---

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