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Listing of "Collection Real Radio-04"

Title Show Date File Size
Real and Reality based programs.m ---
48 files some are encoded at the higher quality of 64 and 128 kbps.mp3 Greatest Radio Commecials From Radios Golden Age.m ---
Harlem Hospitality Club 1946 St. Louis Blues (AFRS#14).m ---
Harlem Hospitality Club 1947 Linda AFRS #11).m ---
Hawaii Calls - Happy New Year.m Dec 29, 1949 (Thursday)
Heard At Home - Should The Draft Be Restored.m Mar 21, 1948 (Sunday)
Hello Sucker - Fur Coat Scheme.m Jan 12, 1952 (Saturday)
Hello Sucker - e004 Gardening Swindles.m Jan 26, 1952 (Saturday)
Hello Sucker - e005 Victimizing Racial Minorities.m Feb 2, 1952 (Saturday)
Hello Sucker - e006 Photography Swindles.m Feb 9, 1952 (Saturday)
Hollywood Fights Back - With Charles Boyer.m Oct 26, 1947 (Sunday)
Hollywood Fights Back - With Fredrick March.m Nov 2, 1947 (Sunday)
Home Is What You Make It - -1 e074 Promised & On the Way ( Part 1 only).m ---
Houdini Seance - Communicating With The Great Houdini.m Oct 31, 1936 (Saturday)
How To - Host Roger Price ( Unedited Recording).m Nov 8, 1951 (Thursday)
How To Make Golden Age Radio Plays.m ---
How To Teach Your Parakeet To Talk ( Record) Pt01.m ---
How To Teach Your Parakeet To Talk ( Record) Pt02.m ---
Ida Bailey Allen - Homemaking Show.m May 10, 1947 (Saturday)
If It Had Been You Neptune's Wrath.m ---
Intro To Hollywood Star Preview KGHL (intro Only).m ---
In Your Own Words - Ruth Kearns' Own Story Pt01.m Apr 14, 1955 (Thursday)
In Your Own Words - Ruth Kearns' Own Story Pt02.m Apr 15, 1955 (Friday)
It Pays To Be Married - Mr and Mrs Charles Fronk.m Jul 20, 1953 (Monday)
It Pays To Be Married - Mr and Mrs Irwin T Porte.m Jan 15, 1954 (Friday)
It Pays To Be Married - Mr and Mrs John Scovern.m Jan 27, 1954 (Wednesday)
It Pays To Be Married - Guest Danny Thomas.m Feb 25, 1954 (Thursday)
It Pays To Be Married - Guests Phil Harris and Alice Faye.m Mar 8, 1954 (Monday)
I Want To Come Back Audition Program (1st Try).m ---
I Want To Come Back Audition Program (2nd Try).m ---
I Want To Come Back Audition Program Phillip Morris.m ---
Jimmy Fiddler Show Biz News.m ---
John B Kennedy - y w. Kids at Bunker Hill, Boston.m Jun 28, 1936 (Sunday)
John Jay Anthony - Advice Program.m Apr 4, 1945 (Wednesday)
Just A Dream - Just a Dream[ Part One Only].m May 18, 1947 (Sunday)
Kaleidoscope 1940s Houdini Special.m ---
KQW Radio - First Radio Station.m Nov 10, 1945 (Saturday)
Leave It To The Girls 1940s Do Men Like Helpless Women( Who Has Best Postiion).m ---
Leave It To The Girls - 21 Should She Tell Her Mother.m Nov 9, 1946 (Saturday)
Leave It To The Girls - Should She Return The Ring.m Nov 16, 1946 (Saturday)
Leo Cleary Recording Session - At Ram's Head Recording Studios.m Apr 12, 1939 (Wednesday)
Look What We've Found Lighthouse Keeper.m ---
March Of Dimes - Infantile Paralysis Must Go.m Jan 22, 1939 (Sunday)
March Of Dimes - Host Eddie Cantor [2nd Half].m Jan 25, 1941 (Saturday)
March Of Dimes - Host Tommy Cook.m Jan 24, 1942 (Saturday)
March Of Dimes - America Salutes The President's Birthday.m Jan 29, 1944 (Saturday)
March Of Dimes - Wonderful World.m Jan 14, 1945 (Sunday)
March Of Dimes 1953 Man Against the Crippler (polio).m ---
March Of Dimes 1953 Summer Concert Opens With Roumanian Fantasy.m ---

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