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Listing of "Collection Radio At War-02"

Title Show Date File Size
A Collection of news - documentaries - dramatizations and entertainment related to soldiers and war.m ---
63 files some are encoded at the higher quality of 64 and 128 kbps.m ---
Fifth Horseman - Doomsday(rehearsal).m Jul 4, 1946 (Thursday)
Fifth Horseman - Dawn.m Jul 11, 1946 (Thursday)
Fifth Horseman - The Promise.m Jul 18, 1946 (Thursday)
Fifth Horseman - Crisis.m Jul 25, 1946 (Thursday)
Fifth Horseman - Zero Minus One.m Aug 1, 1946 (Thursday)
Fifth Horseman - Doomsday.m Aug 8, 1946 (Thursday)
Fifth Horseman - Aftermath.m Aug 15, 1946 (Thursday)
Fifth Horseman - Memo To Mankind.m Aug 22, 1946 (Thursday)
Front Line Theater Ham For Sale w/J Benny&B Rathbone.m ---
Front Line Theater Strange Case Of Professor Wainger.m ---
GI Joe Boy Meets Coconut.m ---
Hello Mom 1942 WAC.m ---
Hello Mom - Gunner Mc Cahey.m Aug 11, 1942 (Tuesday)
Hello Mom - Kirkland Field ( Cracked Master).m Jan 22, 1943 (Friday)
Hitlers Airwaves e001 Onward Christian Soldiers (1939).m ---
Hitlers Airwaves e002 Germany Calling (1939).m ---
Hitlers Airwaves e003 Lord Haw Haw of Zeesen (1939).m ---
Hitlers Airwaves e004 Germany Calling (1940).m ---
Hitlers Airwaves e005 I Want to Be Happy (1940).m ---
Hitlers Airwaves e006 Germany Calling (1940).m ---
Hitlers Airwaves e007 Hold Me (1940).m ---
Hitlers Airwaves e008 Germany Calling (1940).m ---
Hitlers Airwaves e009 St Louis Blues (1940).m ---
Hitlers Airwaves e010 Ill Never Say Never Again (1941).m ---
Hitlers Airwaves e011 FDR Jones (1941).m ---
Hitlers Airwaves e012 Wholl Buy My Bublitchky (1941).m ---
Hitlers Airwaves e013 Lili Marleen (1942).m ---
Hitlers Airwaves e020 - We Are Waiting For You.m Apr 17, 1945 (Tuesday)
Hitlers Airwaves e021 - Last Germany Calling.m Apr 30, 1945 (Monday)
Hitlers Airwaves e022 - BBC Allies Radio Hamburg.m May 4, 1945 (Friday)
I Fly Anything - Date With Death.m Jan 30, 1951 (Tuesday)
I Fly Anything - South Seas.m Mar 27, 1951 (Tuesday)
Leatherneck Legends e001 The King’s Error.m ---
Leatherneck Legends e002 The Man Was at Samar.m ---
Lets Go To Town 1954 e0069 Song of India.m ---
Lets Go To Town 1954 e0070 What a Dream.m ---
Lets Go To Town 1954 e0071 Cross over the Bridge.m ---
Lets Go To Town 1954 e0072 It's a Wonderful World.m ---
Lets Go To Town 1954 e0073 Lucky in Love.m ---
Lets Go To Town 1954 e0074 Dance My Heart.m ---
Lets Go To Town 1954 e0075 Cat Dancing.m ---
Lets Go To Town 1954 e0076 Steam Heat.m ---
Lets Go To Town 1954 e0077 Wait for Me, Darling.m ---
Lets Go To Town 1954 e0078 Hot Toddy.m ---
Lets Go To Town 1954 e0085 Deed I Do.m ---
Lets Go To Town 1954 e0085 Sauter - Finnegan Orchestra.m ---
Lets Go To Town 1954 e0086 Betty Madigan.m ---
Lets Go To Town 1954 e0087 Miserloo.m ---
Lets Go To Town 1954 e0088 Yankee Doodle Town.m ---
Light Of The World - D - Day Interuptions.m Jun 6, 1944 (Tuesday)
Los Angeles War Bond Rally - .m Jun 30, 1943 (Wednesday)
Louisiana Hayride - Louisiana Hayride.m Sep 6, 1958 (Saturday)
Man Behind The Gun - Men Of Royal Air Force.m Jan 6, 1943 (Wednesday)
Man Behind The Gun - The USS Boise Pt1.m Mar 21, 1943 (Sunday)
Man Behind The Gun - The USS Boise Pt2.m Mar 28, 1943 (Sunday)
Man Behind The Gun - Company Aid Man.m May 19, 1943 (Wednesday)
Man Behind The Gun - K9 Corps.m Jun 6, 1943 (Sunday)
Man Behind The Gun - 57 Is A Man Without A Gun.m Nov 6, 1943 (Saturday)
Man Behind The Gun - Something For The Girls.m Jan 29, 1944 (Saturday)
Man Behind The Gun - PT Name Prep Joe.m Feb 12, 1944 (Saturday)
Man Behind The Gun - Incident In The Pacific.m Feb 19, 1944 (Saturday)
Marine Story e003 Capt James Willing.m ---
Marine Story e004 Francis De Bellevue.m ---

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