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Listing of "Collection Quiz Shows-03"

Title Show Date File Size
A collection of Quiz and Game Shows.mp ---
55 files some are encoded at the higher quality of 64 and 128 kbps.m ---
Take It Or Leave It - Guest Jack Benny.m Nov 8, 1942 (Sunday)
Take It Or Leave It - Popular Broadway Songs.m Jul 13, 1947 (Sunday)
Take It Or Leave It - .m Apr 4, 1948 (Sunday)
Take It Or Leave It - What Year Was Joan of Arc Burned.m Jul 4, 1948 (Sunday)
Take It Or Leave It - w/Gary Moore.m May 29, 1949 (Sunday)
Tune Detective - Final Show.m Mar 28, 1947 (Friday)
Twenty Questions - Lucille Ball.m Jun 1, 1946 (Saturday)
Twenty Questions 1948 Lulu Mc Connell.m ---
Twenty Questions - William Gagsten.m Sep 18, 1948 (Saturday)
Twenty Questions - Dr Roswell G Ham.m Feb 11, 1950 (Saturday)
Twenty Questions - Santa Claus.m Dec 22, 1951 (Saturday)
Twenty Questions e001 Easter Bunny (AFRS).m ---
Twenty Questions e0051 Henry Wallace (AFRS)( Skips At Start).m ---
Twenty Questions Greek Soldiers in the Trojan Horse.m ---
Twenty Questions My Bonnie.m ---
Twenty Questions Niagara Falls.m ---
Twenty Questions The Worm That Turned.m ---
What Am I Offered - .m Jun 2, 1947 (Monday)
What Am I Offered - .m Jun 21, 1947 (Saturday)
Whats My Line - e0215 Jane Russell (AFRS).m Jun 11, 1957 (Tuesday)
Whats My Line - e0219 Anthony Franciosa Shelly Winters (AFRS).m Jul 14, 1957 (Sunday)
Whats My Line - e0220 Julius Larosa (AFRS).m Jul 21, 1957 (Sunday)
Whats My Line - e0221 Robert Sterling Ann Jeffrey (AFRS).m Jul 28, 1957 (Sunday)
Whats My Line - e0222 Jayne Mansfield (AFRS).m Aug 4, 1957 (Sunday)
Whats My Line - Nick Adams.m Sep 11, 1960 (Sunday)
Whats My Line 1961 Celebrity Guests The Crosby Brothers.m ---
Whats My Line Circus Strongman.m ---
Which Is Which - S Greenstreet, F Langford, F Morgan, E Blohr.m Dec 6, 1944 (Wednesday)
Which Is Which - Maxie Rosenbloom, Nigel Bruce Andrews Sisters Imitators.m Dec 20, 1944 (Wednesday)
Which Is Which - Phil Silvers Judy Canova King Sisters.m Jan 24, 1945 (Wednesday)
Which Is Which - Rudy Vallee Carmen Miranda.m Jan 31, 1945 (Wednesday)
Who Said That - Featuring Henry Morgan.m Apr 10, 1949 (Sunday)
Win Place And Show - ABC.m Oct 27, 1946 (Sunday)
You Can Be An Actor - ( Audition).m Feb 6, 1946 (Wednesday)
Your Crossword - w/David Gillmore.m May 1, 1948 (Saturday)
Your Weight In Gold - .m Jun 8, 1944 (Thursday)
You Win 1950s Opens with How Are Things in Glocca Morra.m ---

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