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Listing of "Collection Music Shows-11"

Title Show Date File Size
68 files of various kinds of music shows.m ---
some are encoded at the higher quality of 64 and 128 kbps.m ---
Say It With Music - e0152 Great Day.m Mar 18, 1951 (Sunday)
Say It With Music - e0153 Singing In The Rain.m Mar 25, 1951 (Sunday)
Shady Valley Folks - Horseshoe Mike The Buckeye Four.m Jan 13, 1943 (Wednesday)
Sherman Hayes& His New Styl'in Melodies ' Cuddle Up A Little Closer'.m ---
Showtime - AFRS 296 Alexander's Ragtime Band.m Apr 7, 1947 (Monday)
Showtime e001 w/Helen Forrest.m ---
Showtime e002 w/Janet Blair.m ---
Showtime With Frankie Masters - ' Open The Door Richard'.m Jan 26, 1947 (Sunday)
Sieberlings Singers 1926 Excerpts.m ---
Singing Waiters - e002 from the paris inn cafe los angeles ca.m Mar 6, 1937 (Saturday)
Singing Waiters - e002 Paris Inn Cafe LA Le Montanyard.m Mar 6, 1937 (Saturday)
Sing Something Simple ' Baby Doll'.m ---
Sing Something Simple 'I Told Every Little Star'.m ---
Sing Something Simple ' John Brown's Body'.m ---
Sing Something Simple ' Maria'.m ---
Sing Something Simple ' That's the Glory of Love'.m ---
Sing Something Simple ' Whatever Will Be Will Be'.m ---
Skinners Romancers - 2 Opens With My Bluebird's Back Again.m Mar 5, 1932 (Saturday)
Skinners Romancers - 3 Opens With You Got To Bend Down, Sister.m Mar 9, 1932 (Wednesday)
Slim Martin 1936 e0011 Mexico.m ---
Slim Martin 1936 e0012 Oregon.m ---
Slim Martin 1936 e0013 Texas.m ---
Slim Martin 1936 e0014 Kansas.m ---
Slim Martin 1936 e0019 Kentucky.m ---
Slim Martin 1936 e0020 Pennsylvania.m ---
Slim Martin 1936 e0021 Alabama.m ---
Slim Martin 1936 e0022 Florida.m ---
Something For The Girls 1944 Tunes.m ---
Song - Tonight At 830 Noel Coward Gertrude Lawrence.m Nov 30, 1935 (Saturday)
Songs By Morton Downey e001.m ---
Song Search - .m Nov 20, 1938 (Sunday)
Songs That Made Them Famous, w/Dick Jurgens.m ---
Sound Off 1944 e0413 1st Song Straighten Up and Fly Right.m ---
Sound Off 1944 e0414 1st Song Heatwave.m ---
Sound Off 1944-08 e0347 1st Song Oh No John.m ---
Sound Off 1944-08 e0348 1st Song Texas Polka.m ---
Sound Off - e0346 ' Oh No John'(AFRS).m Aug 14, 1944 (Monday)
Sound Off - e417 Texas Polka(AFRS).m Aug 15, 1944 (Tuesday)
Sound Off e0315 1st Song Nod Away Road AFRS.m ---
Sound Off e0316 1st Song Old Man River AFRS.m ---
Sound Off e0395 1st Song The Sheik AFRS.m ---
Sound Off e0396 1st Song Oh, What A Beautiful Morning AFRS.m ---
Sound Off e0397 1st Song Tuxedo Junction AFRS.m ---
Sound Off e0398 1st Song Let Me Call You Sweetheart AFRS.m ---
Stars For Defense e01 Gordon Macrae & Luboff Choir.m ---
Stars For Defense e02 Jo Stafford.m ---
Stars For Defense e03 Dick Haymes.m ---
Stars Of Jazz 1958 e005 With Red Norvo (AFRS).m ---
St Regis Hotel Jam Session - .m Nov 5, 1938 (Saturday)
Summer Serenade - w/Jeffrey Clay.m Jul 8, 1947 (Tuesday)
Sun Up Serenade with The Blue Seal Pals Radio Show01.m ---
Sun Up Serenade with The Blue Seal Pals Radio Show02.m ---
Swing Around The Clock - (AFRS) New Year.m Dec 31, 1944 (Sunday)
Swingtime e0030 Guest Jack Teagarden Georgia.m ---
Swingtime e0037 You're Just Too Marvelous (AFRS).m ---
Swingtime e0061 w/Bob Crosby' Make that Riff Stacatto'.m ---
Tales From Harlem - e004 Jamie Jamie.m Jan 8, 1938 (Saturday)
Ted West And His Range Riders - .m Sep 2, 1946 (Monday)
Texas Hall Of Fame - Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers ( Inc-half show).m Sep 22, 1940 (Sunday)
The Cuban Love Song w/Edmundo Ross (early 60's BBC).m ---
The Songs That Made Them Famous w/Dick Jurgens (2).m ---
The Time The Place The Tune - Summer Replacement Last Show.m Apr 19, 1947 (Saturday)
Three Pair And An Ace - 1st Song Stumblin.m Mar 22, 1954 (Monday)
Three Suns& Starlet e001 ' Crazy Rhythm'.m ---
Three Suns& Starlet e002 'I Never Knew'.m ---
Three Suns e180 (AFRTS).m ---
Three Suns e181 (AFRTS).m ---
Through The Opera Glass - Carmine.m Jul 31, 1952 (Thursday)

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