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Listing of "Collection Kid Shows-03"

Title Show Date File Size
A collection of rare shows and serials and recordings primarily suited for 4-12 year olds.m ---
70 files some are encoded at the higher quality of 64 and 128 kbps.m ---
Mickey Mouse Theater - .m Jan 2, 1938 (Sunday)
Mickey Mouse Theater - Snow White.m Jan 9, 1938 (Sunday)
Mickey Mouse Theater - Donald Duck And His Webfoot Sextet.m Jan 16, 1938 (Sunday)
Mickey Mouse Theater - Mother Goose Land.m Feb 13, 1938 (Sunday)
Mickey Mouse Theater - Cinderella.m Feb 27, 1938 (Sunday)
Mickey Mouse Theater - King Neptune.m Mar 6, 1938 (Sunday)
Mickey Mouse Theater - Pied Piper.m Mar 13, 1938 (Sunday)
Mickey Mouse Theater - Old Woman In The Shoe.m Apr 3, 1938 (Sunday)
Mickey Mouse Theater - Princess Snow White.m Apr 17, 1938 (Sunday)
Mickey Mouse Theater - Old Mac Donald.m May 15, 1938 (Sunday)
NBC Story Shop - Audition.m Aug 23, 1947 (Saturday)
Omar The Wizard Of Persia 1931 e0001.m ---
Omar The Wizard Of Persia 1931 e0002.m ---
Omar The Wizard Of Persia 1931 e0003.m ---
Omar The Wizard Of Persia 1931 e0004.m ---
Omar The Wizard Of Persia 1931 e0005.m ---
Omar The Wizard Of Persia 1931 e0006.m ---
Omar The Wizard Of Persia 1931 e0007.m ---
Omar The Wizard Of Persia 1931 e0008.m ---
Omar The Wizard Of Persia 1931 e0009.m ---
Omar The Wizard Of Persia 1931 e0010.m ---
Omar The Wizard Of Persia 1931 e0011.m ---
Omar The Wizard Of Persia 1931 e0012.m ---
Omar The Wizard Of Persia 1931 e0013.m ---
Once Upon A Time #005 Cobbler and Elves.m ---
Once Upon A Time #006 Ali Baba.m ---
Once Upon A Time #007 Hansel and Gretel.m ---
Once Upon A Time #008 Puss in Boots.m ---
Ovalineys - .m Jan 24, 1937 (Sunday)
PAL Show - Police Athletic League Kid Talents Show w/Joe Di Maggio.m Jan 14, 1947 (Tuesday)
Peter And The Wolf(record) 1940 w/Basil Rathbone.m ---
Pinocchio 1939 e0072.m ---
Pinocchio 1939 e0073.m ---
Pinto Pete 1930's e00002 Anybody Seen My Gal.m ---
Pinto Pete 1930's e0001 King of the Rangers.m ---
Police Athletic League - With Joe Di Maggio.m Jan 14, 1947 (Tuesday)
Popeye The Sailor 1930s Popeye and Robin Hood.m ---
Popeye The Sailor 1930s Popeye and the Giant ( The Beanstalk).m ---
Popeye The Sailor 1930s Runaway Trolley Car ( Breaks Up With Olive).m ---
Popeye The Sailor 1930s Sweetpea Is Missing At The Circus.m ---
Popeye The Sailor 1930s The Gang At The Zoo.m ---
Popeye The Sailor 1936 A Race To The Moon.m ---
Popeye The Sailor 1936 The River Queen.m ---
Raggedy Ann Show - Peter Churchmouse.m Oct 27, 1943 (Wednesday)
Rajput Hindu Secret Service 1930's e0005 Jasmine Tower Murder.m ---
Red Lantern& Jack Knife (muddy).m ---
Rocky Jones Planet X.m ---
Safety Sam Case Of Look No Hands ('30's).m ---
Sinbad 1948.m ---
Sky King - Mountain Detour.m Jul 31, 1945 (Tuesday)
Sky King - Prince Aron - Sibi.m Jun 30, 1947 (Monday)
Sky King - Land Of The Diamond Scarab.m Jul 14, 1947 (Monday)
Sky King - Snodgrass Pearls.m Jul 23, 1947 (Wednesday)
Sky King - The Pearl Necklace.m Jul 31, 1947 (Thursday)
Sky King - A Message in Code.m Dec 4, 1947 (Thursday)
Sky King - The Lady Sheriff.m Apr 12, 1951 (Thursday)
Sky King - The Mark of Diablo.m Apr 17, 1951 (Tuesday)
Sky King - Lady Ellis Diamond Thief.m Apr 21, 1951 (Saturday)
Sky King - Fire in the Desert.m Apr 28, 1951 (Saturday)
Sky King The Black Circle.m ---
Sleepy Joe e0001 Brer Fox And The Carrot Trap.m ---
Sleepy Joe e0002 The Unhappy Stable.m ---
Sleepy Joe e0003 Brer Rabbit And Brer Bear - The Big Snow.m ---
Sleepy Joe e0004 Brer Snake's Christmas Gift.m ---
Sleepy Joe e0005 The Time Brer Rabbit Was Picked Off.m ---
Sleepy Joe e0006 Brer Rabbit's Surprise.m ---
Sleepy Joe e0007 Brer Fox And The Christmas Turkey.m ---
Sleepy Joe e0008 Brer Rabbit Loses An Address.m ---
Sleepy Joe e0009 Brer Beaver's Christmas Dinner.m ---
Sleepy Joe e0010 Brer Fox And Brer Rabbit's Lesson.m ---
Sleepy Joe e0011 Jack In The Box.m ---
Sleepy Joe e0012 How Brer Rabbit Lost His Tail.m ---
Sleepy Joe e0013 Mr Rabbit's Christmas.m ---
Sleepy Joe e0014 Brer Fox And The Christmas Pakages.m ---
Sleepy Joe e0015 Santa Claus Comes To The Brier Patch.m ---
Sleepy Joe e0016 The Night Before Christmas.m ---
Sleepy Joe e0017 The Building Of The World.m ---
Sleepy Joe e0018 Brier Fox And His Christmas Hate.m ---
Sleepy Joe e0019 Brer Rabbit's Mistake.m ---
Sleepy Joe e0020 Brer Rabbit's Goose.m ---
Sleepy Joe e0129 Brer Fox and Brer Goat.m ---
Sleepy Joe e0130 Brer Fox's Toothache.m ---
Sleepy Joe e0131 The Tattlin' Snake.m ---
Sleepy Joe e0132 Brer Fox in the Brier Patch.m ---

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