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Listing of "Collection Interviews And Talk Shows-03"

Title Show Date File Size
32 files of shows some are encoded at the higher quality of 64 and 128kbps.m ---
NY Philharmonic Intermission - Interview With Norman Corwin.m Jan 1, 1950 (Sunday)
Palace Personality - Guest Mildred Wong.m Dec 27, 1949 (Tuesday)
Palace Personality - With Casey Ingram.m Jan 24, 1950 (Tuesday)
Palace Personality - With Clint Molcher.m Feb 21, 1950 (Tuesday)
Paula Stone Digest - Life With Father Contest.m Feb 22, 1944 (Tuesday)
Paul Gibson 1940s Afternoon Talk ' Women'(WBBM Chicago).m ---
Radio Journal Interview With John Wayne.m ---
Show World - Edward Everett Horton Interview.m Jan 8, 1940 (Monday)
Slave Interviews - Wallace Quarterman, St. Simons Island GA.m ---
Slave Interviews - Wallace Quarterman, St Simons Island GA.m ---
Slave Interviews 1940 Uncle Billy Mc Crea, Jasper TX.m ---
Slave Interviews 1940 Uncle Bob Ledbetter, Oil City LA.m ---
Slave Interviews 1941 Isom Moseley, Gee's Bend AL.m ---
Slave Interviews - Fountain Hughes, Baltimore MD.m Jun 11, 1949 (Saturday)
Slave Interviews - Charlie Smith, Bartow FL.m Mar 17, 1975 (Monday)
Sound Of Your Imagination - Tribute To George W Trendle.m Jul 31, 1972 (Monday)
Special - Laurel& Hardy Excerpts Interview Laurel Marries Patsy Kelly.m ---
Sunday Spectacular Interview With Andy Griffith.m ---
Talk Back - What Is the Song Goodnight Irene About.m Oct 16, 1950 (Monday)
Talk Back - Lending Money Guest Edward Arnold.m Dec 21, 1950 (Thursday)
Talk Back - Army Chow.m Jan 22, 1951 (Monday)
Tom Reid 1974-09 Cecil Underwood Interviews.m ---
Tom Reid 1975 Radio Pioneeer Jackson Beck.m ---
Train Time Interviews On A Moving Train ( Audition).m ---
Walter O Keefes Almanac - e001 Guest George Burns - Salute to 1937.m Nov 25, 1962 (Sunday)
Walter O Keefes Almanac - e002 Guest Gloria Swanson - Salute to 1929.m Dec 2, 1962 (Sunday)
Walter O Keefes Almanac - e003 Guest Alan Young - Salute to 1947.m Dec 9, 1962 (Sunday)
Walter O Keefes Almanac - e004 Guest Eddie Cantor - Salute to 1932.m Dec 16, 1962 (Sunday)
Walter O Keefes Almanac - Guest Bing Crosby ( Never Broadcast).m ---
Walter O Keefes Almanac - Guest Mary Martin ( Never Broadcast).m ---
Whos In Town Tonight - San Francisco Local Program (partial).m Jan 24, 1940 (Wednesday)
You Tell Em Club - Mrs Browns Bad Neighbors .m Sep 23, 1943 (Thursday)

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