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Listing of "Collection Historical Dramas"

Title Show Date File Size
A collection of the rare historical and patiotic anthology dramas.m ---
75 files a few encoded at the higher quality of 64 and 128kbps.m ---
American Heritage The Mails (AFRS).m ---
American Portraits - e001 The Incomparable Doctor.m Jul 10, 1951 (Tuesday)
American Portraits - e002 A Storm At Montecello.m Jul 17, 1951 (Tuesday)
American Portraits - e003 John Yankee.m Jul 24, 1951 (Tuesday)
American Portraits - e004 There Stands Jackson.m Jul 31, 1951 (Tuesday)
American Portraits - e005 Stping Stones.m Aug 7, 1951 (Tuesday)
American Portraits - e006 The Sword of Kentucky.m Aug 14, 1951 (Tuesday)
American Portraits - e007 Reveille.m Aug 21, 1951 (Tuesday)
American Portraits - e008 Kesake.m Aug 28, 1951 (Tuesday)
American Trail e001 Dispatch From New York.m ---
American Trail e002 The Northwest Ordinance.m ---
American Trail e003 Louisiana Purchase.m ---
American Trail e004 Lewis and Clark Expedition.m ---
American Trail e005 Samuel Slator's Machine.m ---
American Trail e006 The Golden Ocean.m ---
American Trail e007 The Magic Wire.m ---
American Trail e008 On To Montarey.m ---
American Trail e009 The California Gold Rush.m ---
American Trail e010 The Rich Desert.m ---
American Trail e011 The New South.m ---
American Trail e012 The Blue Younder.m ---
American Trail e013 The Brave Flag.m ---
Americas Famous Fathers e012 Lowell Thomas.m ---
Americas Famous Fathers e024 Col Theo Roosevelt.m ---
Americas Most Interesting People - .m Dec 5, 1938 (Monday)
An American Gallery e001 Satchmo.m ---
An American Gallery e002 The Man Nobody Liked.m ---
An American Gallery e003 A Review of Coming Attractions.m ---
An American Gallery e004 A Story of Two Giants.m ---
An American Gallery e005 Porgy, Bess and George.m ---
An American Gallery e006 Flight Before Fury.m ---
An American Gallery e007 Portrait of a Photographer.m ---
An American Gallery e008 A Day to Test, A Day to Learn.m ---
An American Gallery e009 Westward the Painter.m ---
An American Gallery e010 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Poet.m ---
An American Gallery e011 To Hear a Different Drummer.m ---
An American Gallery e013 Count - Down for a Champ.m ---
As American As Apple Pie.m ---
Endless Frontier - Only One To A Customer ( Medical Achievements).m Feb 16, 1952 (Saturday)
Freedoms People - Music Opening Broadcast .m Aug 31, 1941 (Sunday)
Freedoms People - Negro & Christian Democracy ( Last Show).m Apr 19, 1942 (Sunday)
I Was There - Seeing Guidedog Saves Master.m May 19, 1940 (Sunday)
I Was There - Duke of Windsor Marries.m Jun 8, 1941 (Sunday)
I Was There - Chancelor Assasinated By Nazis.m Oct 27, 1941 (Monday)
I Was There - The Story of Ernie Pyle.m Apr 29, 1945 (Sunday)
Makers Of History Declaration Of Independence.m ---
Makers Of History War With Tripoli.m ---
Man Behind The Masterpiece - Story Of Leonardo Da Vinci.m Jul 30, 1942 (Thursday)
Man Behind The Masterpiece 1947 Michelangelo.m ---
Man Behind The Masterpiece - Thomas Gainsborough.m Jan 2, 1947 (Thursday)
Man Behind The Masterpiece - Joseph M W Turner.m Jan 9, 1947 (Thursday)
Men Of Vision - Thomas Young.m Jul 26, 1937 (Monday)
Men Of Vision - Ben Franklin.m Aug 2, 1937 (Monday)
Men Of Vision - Roger Bacon.m Aug 2, 1937 (Monday)
Men Of Vision - Galileo.m Aug 22, 1937 (Sunday)
Our Freedoms Blessings - Flying Piano.m Apr 5, 1952 (Saturday)
Our Freedoms Blessings - Test Tube Giant.m Apr 12, 1952 (Saturday)
Our Freedoms Blessings - Little Black Box.m Apr 19, 1952 (Saturday)
Our Freedoms Blessings - Little Jars Of Canajoharie.m Apr 26, 1952 (Saturday)
Our Freedoms Blessings - Fire Eaters.m May 3, 1952 (Saturday)
Our Freedoms Blessings - Frontyard Fleet.m May 10, 1952 (Saturday)
Our Freedoms Blessings - Iron - Hearted Mountain.m May 17, 1952 (Saturday)
Our Freedoms Blessings - Look At The Birdie.m May 24, 1952 (Saturday)
Rendezvous With Destiny - Profile Of FDR Pt01.m Mar 27, 1946 (Wednesday)
Rendezvous With Destiny - Profile Of FDR Pt02.m Mar 27, 1946 (Wednesday)
Rendezvous With Destiny - Profile Of FDR Pt03.m Mar 27, 1946 (Wednesday)
Special - End of an Era Oral History 1933-55.m Jan 18, 1953 (Sunday)
Special 1966 Remembering Kay Kyser.m ---
Special Salute To Route66 - (2ndhalf).m Sep 13, 1985 (Friday)
That Was The Year 1900.m ---
That Was The Year 1926.m ---
Then And Now - e001 Thomas Edison.m Sep 17, 1936 (Thursday)
Then And Now - e010 Death Valley Scotty.m Nov 19, 1936 (Thursday)
This Is Our Heritage - Kinship ( Audition).m Jan 18, 1951 (Thursday)
To Stars And Stripes A Portrait of Gen George Washington.m ---

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