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Listing of "Collection Drama-01"

Title Show Date File Size
A collection of the rare anthology dramas.m ---
49 files a few encoded at the higher quality of 64 and 128kbps.m ---
Ad Club Drama WW2 Recap.m ---
AFRS Radio Playhouse - Another Language.m Mar 9, 1946 (Saturday)
AFRS Radio Playhouse - For Always.m Mar 19, 1946 (Tuesday)
AFRS Theater - Return To Tomorrow.m Aug 25, 1945 (Saturday)
American Novels - Tom Sawyer Pt01.m Jul 18, 1947 (Friday)
American Novels - Tom Sawyer Pt02.m Jul 25, 1947 (Friday)
American Novels - Luck of Roaring Camp.m Aug 8, 1947 (Friday)
American Novels - The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.m Sep 19, 1947 (Friday)
American Novels - Little Women Pt01.m Sep 26, 1947 (Friday)
American Novels - Little Women Pt02.m Oct 3, 1947 (Friday)
Americans At Work - Auctioneer John Reed King.m Sep 21, 1939 (Thursday)
Americans At Work - Buying War Bonds.m Sep 29, 1942 (Tuesday)
Americans At Work - Working To End The War Effort.m Oct 12, 1942 (Monday)
American Theater Of Radio - When the Comet Strikes.m Sep 7, 1933 (Thursday)
American Theater Of Radio - The Almost Perfect Crime.m Oct 5, 1933 (Thursday)
American Theater Of Radio - The Wild West of 1933.m Oct 26, 1933 (Thursday)
Armstrong Theater Of Today - Thunder & The Miracle.m Jan 3, 1948 (Saturday)
Armstrong Theater Of Today Silhouette.m ---
Arthur Hopkins Presents - Ah Wilderness w/Montgomery Clift.m May 24, 1944 (Wednesday)
Better Living Radio Theatre - e001 A Million Words, a Million Songs.m Aug 17, 1953 (Monday)
Better Living Radio Theatre - e002 George Washington's Gingerbread Man.m Aug 24, 1953 (Monday)
Better Living Radio Theatre - e003 The Night the Mountain Caught Fire.m Aug 31, 1953 (Monday)
Better Living Radio Theatre - e004 Milk for Millions.m Sep 7, 1953 (Monday)
Better Living Radio Theatre - e005 The Floating City.m Sep 14, 1953 (Monday)
Better Living Radio Theatre - e006 A Half Hour to Death.m Sep 21, 1953 (Monday)
Better Living Radio Theatre - e007 Wings over the World.m Sep 28, 1953 (Monday)
Better Living Radio Theatre - e008 The Magic Broomstick.m Oct 5, 1953 (Monday)
Better Living Radio Theatre - e009 Mrs U.S.A..m Oct 12, 1953 (Monday)
Big Ben Oliver Twist.m ---
Boris Karloff Collection - Boris Karloff Chung Ling Soo.m Dec 16, 1957 (Monday)
Boris Karloff Collection - Boris Karloff Dr Harvey Cushing.m Dec 19, 1957 (Thursday)
Boris Karloffs Treasure Chest - Johnny Appleseed.m Nov 26, 1950 (Sunday)
Broadway Playhouse - The Heiress (AFRS).m Sep 11, 1950 (Monday)
Brownstone Theater - The Cinderella Man.m Mar 14, 1945 (Wednesday)
Brownstone Theater - Polly at the Circus.m Mar 28, 1945 (Wednesday)
Brownstone Theater - Cyrano de Bergerac.m Jun 13, 1945 (Wednesday)
Brownstone Theater - The Lion And The Mouse.m Feb 21, 1945 (Wednesday)
Brownstone Theater - Prisoner of Zenda.m May 16, 1945 (Wednesday)
Brownstone Theater - Man Without A Country.m May 30, 1945 (Wednesday)
California Caravan - How Santa Came To Simpsons Bar.m Dec 21, 1947 (Sunday)
Campbells Short Story - Success Story.m May 3, 1940 (Friday)
Carling Country The Flight (SA).m ---
Carling Country The Man from Oregon (SA).m ---
Carling Country The Stockade (SA).m ---
Carling Country When You Think of Me (SA).m ---
Carling Theater 1967 Skeleton Coast Incident.m ---
Coronet Little Show - Gift Of The Maji.m Dec 19, 1943 (Sunday)
Coronet Storyteller - Gift of the Little Shepherd.m Dec 24, 1944 (Sunday)
CP Mac Gregor Show e090 The Outward Voyage w/Virgina Gregg (AFRTS).m ---

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