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Listing of "Collection Courtroom Dramas-01"

Title Show Date File Size
Shows about court cases and courtroom dramatizations.m ---
43 shows some are encoded at the higher quality of 64 and 128 kbps.m ---
13th Juror What Happened To John Wilkes Booth w/V Price.m ---
Attorney At Law - Case Of The Asia Express.m Jun 16, 1938 (Thursday)
Attorney For The Defense - Murder Of Charles Stuart Grant.m Dec 14, 1944 (Thursday)
Defense Attorney - Mike Pelley Death Row Plea.m Aug 31, 1951 (Friday)
Defense Attorney - Client Jim Leonard.m Sep 14, 1951 (Friday)
Defense Attorney - Joshua Masters.m Apr 10, 1952 (Thursday)
Defense Rests - e001 Joe Morano.m Apr 17, 1951 (Tuesday)
Did Justice Triumph - Anniversary Of Death.m Feb 12, 1947 (Wednesday)
Did Justice Triumph - The Man Who Died Twice.m Jun 16, 1947 (Monday)
Did Justice Triumph - The Death Watch.m Jun 30, 1947 (Monday)
Did Justice Triumph - Poison For Profit.m Jul 7, 1947 (Monday)
Expert Witness FBI Labratory Scandal.m ---
For The Defense Bride Who Disappeared.m ---
For The Defense Council Assigned.m ---
For The Defense Murder In The Bahamas.m ---
Indictment 1958-09 Grand Slam Heist.m ---
Indictment - Seeds Of Death.m Nov 2, 1958 (Sunday)
Indictmen - A Greek Tragedy.m ---
I Want A Divorce - Ethel And Al ( Songwriter).m Feb 14, 1941 (Friday)
I Want A Divorce - Tony And Carol.m Mar 7, 1941 (Friday)
I Want A Divorce - June And Perry.m Apr 4, 1941 (Friday)
Judge - Death of a Playboy.m Feb 13, 1952 (Wednesday)
Order In The Court - e009 Mrs Manning.m Mar 19, 1953 (Thursday)
Order In The Court - e010 The Case Of The Unfaithful Wife.m Mar 26, 1953 (Thursday)
Order In The Court - e025 The Case of Miss Brent.m Jun 25, 1953 (Thursday)
Order In The Court - e026 The Case of James Evans.m Jul 2, 1953 (Thursday)
Order In The Court e003 Crippled Girl Guitar Player.m ---
Order In The Court e004 The Wedding Day.m ---
Order In The Court e005 Thomas Patterson.m ---
Order In The Court e006 Three Musketeers.m ---
Order In The Court e007 Young Mr Rutherford.m ---
Order In The Court e008 Albrey Anna & I.m ---
Order In The Court e010 Cab Drivers Restaurant.m ---
Roger Kilgore Public Defender - George Brown.m Apr 27, 1948 (Tuesday)
Roger Kilgore Public Defender - The Eddie Lewis Story.m Oct 12, 1948 (Tuesday)
You Are The Jury 1938 People Vs Gilbert Wallace [LQ].m ---
You Are The Jury - e001 People Vs Professor Carver Simms.m Sep 30, 1938 (Friday)
You Are The Jury - e004 People Vs Henry Harper.m Oct 12, 1938 (Wednesday)
You Are The Jury - e003 People Vs Fred Garland.m Oct 14, 1938 (Friday)
You Are The Jury - e005 People Vs Morton Mayo.m Oct 19, 1938 (Wednesday)
You Are The Jury - e006 People Vs Peter Slocum.m Oct 21, 1938 (Friday)
You Are The Jury - e007 People Vs Philip Wayne.m Oct 26, 1938 (Wednesday)
You Are The Jury - e008 People Vs Margaret Tildon.m Oct 28, 1938 (Friday)

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