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Listing of "Collection Clips And Commercials"

Title Show Date File Size
Commercials - Psas - Excerpts and other clips.m ---
367 files some are encoded at the higher quality of 64 kbps.m ---
Please note the X Reels contain controversial material and language.m ---
Abraham Lincoln Ghost Stories (record) Lincoln - Kennedy Connec.m ---
Abraham Lincoln Ghost Stories (record) Lincoln Walk At Midnight.m ---
Abraham Lincoln Ghost Stories (record) The Bloody Dress.m ---
Abraham Lincoln Ghost Stories (record) The Lincolns And Spirit.m ---
Abraham Lincoln Ghost Stories (record) The Phantom Train.m ---
Abraham Lincoln Ghost Stories (record) The Restless Assassin.m ---
Andy Griffith Romeo And Julliet - Hamlet - Swan Lake.m ---
Bloopers Harry Von Zell And Others.m ---
Bloopers News 1969 NBC Monitor.m ---
Bloopers O Welles looses His Patience During AB'c .m ---
Bloopers Paris Peace Talk.m ---
Bloopers Paul Harvey-the Bong.m ---
Bloopers Radio Bloopers 1 of 3.m ---
Bloopers Radio Bloopers 2 of 3.m ---
Bloopers Radio Bloopers 3 of 3.m ---
Bloopers Super Anahist.m ---
Bloopers Truth In Reporting.m ---
Bloopers Twin City Weather Report.m ---
Cliff Arquette Routines e001.m ---
Cliff Arquette Routines e002.m ---
Cliff Arquette Routines e003.m ---
Cliff Arquette Routines e004.m ---
Cyril Ritchard Tells A Couple.m ---
Deana Durbin Rehearsal Check 1940.m ---
Death Calling Canon City Lazy Driver( Colorado Hwy Safety).m ---
Death Calling Colorado Springs Side Swipped( Colorado Hwy Safety)(INC).m ---
Golden And Hughes - Back Home On The Farm(1918LQ).m ---
Golden And Hughes - Fishing And Drinking(1918LQ).m ---
Groucho Clip 1941-42 Rudy Vallee Show.m ---
Groucho Clip 1951 w/Fred Allen.m ---
Groucho Clip 5 Star Theater - Flywheel Shyster And Flywheel e24 (inc).m May 8, 1933 (Monday)
Groucho Clip Dr Hackenbush.m ---
Groucho Clip Go West Young Man.m ---
Groucho Clip Greetings From Groucho.m ---
Groucho Clip Groucho, USMC.m ---
Groucho Clip Hackenbush At Blue Ribbon Hospital.m ---
Groucho Clip Hooray For Captain Spaulding.m ---
Groucho Clip John And Mary - w/Barbara Stanwyck.m Jun 30, 1942 (Tuesday)
Groucho Clip We're Here For Be.m ---
Henry J Taylor - Rattlesnake.m Mar 15, 1948 (Monday)
In You Own Words - Ruth Kearns Own Story.m Apr 15, 1955 (Friday)
Joe Hayman Cohen Buys A Wireless Set.m ---
Laurel And Hardy Clip [ Hal Roach] Cuckoo Waltz [ Theme].m ---
Laurel And Hardy Clip 1930 Stan elopes with Patsy Kelly.m ---
Laurel And Hardy Clip 1932-08 Hal Roach And MGM Present (LP).m ---
Laurel And Hardy Clip A Dog Bit Me.m ---
Laurel And Hardy Clip At The Ball, Thats All.m ---
Laurel And Hardy Clip Bells.m ---
Laurel And Hardy Clip Best of Their Radio Routines.m ---
Laurel And Hardy Clip Commence to Dancin'.m ---
Laurel And Hardy Clip Honolulu Baby.m ---
Laurel And Hardy Clip In The Good Old Summertime.m ---
Laurel And Hardy Clip Introduction to Another fine mess 1930.m ---
Laurel And Hardy Clip Shine on Harvest Moon.m ---
Laurel And Hardy Clip The Trail of the lonesome Pine.m ---
Laurel And Hardy Clip This is Music Hall 1955.m ---
Laurel And Hardy Clip Tv Theme.m ---
Marx Brothers Clip 01 Meet The Brothers Marx.m ---
Marx Brothers Clip 02 The Inimitable Groucho.m ---
Marx Brothers Clip 03 The Implausible Chico.m ---
Marx Brothers Clip 04 The Sounds Of Harpo.m ---
Marx Brothers Clip 05 The Zaniness Of The Marx Brothers.m ---
Marx Brothers Clip 06 The Collected Speeches Of Groucho.m ---
Marx Brothers Clip 07 Chico In Recital.m ---
Marx Brothers Clip 08 Groucho Marx Does His Thing.m ---
Mr Ace And Jane Jane Goes To A Psychiatrist 6 Min.m ---
Mr Ace And Jane Jane Wants To Be In A Play-3 Min.m ---
People Youd Like To Know 1961-10 w/Dorothy Kilgallen Cary Grant.m ---
People Youd Like To Know 1961-10 w/Dorothy Kilgallen Mary Martin.m ---
People Youd Like To Know 1961-10 w/Dorothy Kilgallen Pearl Bailey.m ---
People Youd Like To Know 1961-10 w/Dorothy Kilgallen Peggy Lee.m ---
People Youd Like To Know 1961-10 w/Dorothy Kilgallen Winston Churchil.m ---
Senator Frankenstein Fishface e001 1930s.m ---
Senator Frankenstein Fishface e002 1930s.m ---
Senator Frankenstein Fishface e003 1930s.m ---
Senator Frankenstein Fishface e004 1930s.m ---
Senator Frankenstein Fishface e005 1930s.m ---
Senator Frankenstein Fishface e006 1930s.m ---
Senator Frankenstein Fishface e007 1930s.m ---
Senator Frankenstein Fishface e008 1930s.m ---
Senator Frankenstein Fishface e009 1930s.m ---
Senator Frankenstein Fishface e010 1930s.m ---
Senator Frankenstein Fishface e011 1930s.m ---
Senator Frankenstein Fishface e012 1930s.m ---
Senator Frankenstein Fishface e013 1930s.m ---
Senator Frankenstein Fishface e014 1930s.m ---
Senator Frankenstein Fishface e015 1930s.m ---
Senator Frankenstein Fishface e016 1930s.m ---
Senator Frankenstein Fishface e017 1930s.m ---
Sound NBC6 Note Chime - WEFI Boston.m Mar 26, 1930 (Wednesday)
Vaudville Darkie Tales by Walter C Kelly.m ---
Vaudville Irish Tales by Walter C Kelly.m ---
Virginian Judge Southern Court Scene Session001 by Walter C Kelly.m ---
Virginian Judge Southern Court Scene Session002 by Walter C Kelly.m ---
Virginian Judge Southern Court Scene Session003 by Walter C Kelly.m ---
Virginian Judge Southern Court Scene Session004 by Walter C Kelly.m ---
Virginian Judge Southern Court Scene Session005 by Walter C Kelly.m ---
X Reel 12 Days Of Christmas by William Conrad.m ---
X Reel 1953 Dean Martin Jerry Lewis Caddy Promo.m ---
X Reel Jonathan Winters Lets Loose.m ---
X Reel Risque Humor 001.m ---
X Reel Risque Humor 002.m ---
Commercial 7 - Up.m ---
Commercial Adam Hats.m ---
Commercial Admiral.m ---
Commercial Ajax.m ---
Commercial Alka Seltzer.m ---
Commercial Alka Seltzer Plop Plop Fizz Fizz.m ---
Commercial Anacin.m ---
Commercial Anchor Hocking.m ---
Commercial Arid Deodorant.m ---
Commercial Autolite.m ---
Commercial Beech Nut Chewing Gum.m ---
Commercial Beef Commercial ( Aaron Copland# Rodeo# Iv. Hoe - Down).m ---
Commercial Blue Coal.m ---
Commercial Blue Coal 1941 2.m ---
Commercial Blue Coal 1941 3.m ---
Commercial Brisk Toothpaste.m ---
Commercial Bromo Quinine.m ---
Commercial Bromo Seltzer.m ---
Commercial Bubble Up.m ---
Commercial Budweiser.m ---
Commercial Buick 1940.m ---
Commercial Bulova.m ---
Commercial Camel.m ---
Commercial Camel Cigarettes.m ---
Commercial Campana.m ---
Commercial Campbell Soup.m ---
Commercial Carters Little Liver Pills.m ---
Commercial Charmin.m ---
Commercial Chesterfield.m ---
Commercial Chesterfield Cigarettes.m ---
Commercial Cheverolet.m ---
Commercial Chevrolet.m ---
Commercial Chevrolet 1957.m ---
Commercial Chevrolet 50's See the Usa in Your.m ---
Commercial Chiquita Banana.m ---
Commercial Chiquita Bananas.m ---
Commercial Chrysler Neon.m ---
Commercial Chun King.m ---
Commercial Coca Cola Moody Blues Things Go Better.m ---
Commercial Coca Cola 1967.m ---
Commercial Coca Cola It's the Real Thing - Jerry Lee Lewis.m ---
Commercial Coca Cola Petula Clark.m ---
Commercial Coca - Cola 1.m ---
Commercial Coca - Cola 2.m ---
Commercial Coca - Cola 3.m ---
Commercial Coca - Cola 4.m ---
Commercial Coca - Cola 5.m ---
Commercial Coca - Cola 7.m ---
Commercial Coca - Cola '71.m ---
Commercial Coca - Cola 8.m ---
Commercial Coca Cola Things Go Better With Coke - Moody Blues.m ---
Commercial Coke Adds Life.m ---
Commercial Coleman.m ---
Commercial Colgate Shaving Cream.m ---
Commercial Colgate Tooth Powder.m ---
Commercial Comet.m ---
Commercial Coney Island Penny Machine.m ---
Commercial Contadina Tomato Paste.m ---
Commercial Cream of Wheat.m ---
Commercial Creamo Cigars.m ---
Commercial Cresta Blanca.m ---
Commercial Crisco.m ---
Commercial De Beers.m ---
Commercial Desoto ( Groucho Marx).m ---
Commercial Desoto Groucho Marx.m ---
Commercial Dodge 1936.m ---
Commercial Dr. Pepper.m ---
Commercial Dr Lyon s Tooth Powder.m ---
Commercial Dr Lyons Tooth Powder.m ---
Commercial Drlyon's Tooth Powder.m ---
Commercial Dupont.m ---
Commercial Elgin American.m ---
Commercial Energine Shoe White.m ---
Commercial Exlax.m ---
Commercial Fatima Cigarettes.m ---
Commercial Fitch.m ---
Commercial Flintstones Winston.m ---
Commercial Folgers.m ---
Commercial Ford.m ---
Commercial Frito's.m ---
Commercial Gem Blades.m ---
Commercial Glo Coat Wax.m ---
Commercial Gm Gardian Maintenance.m ---
Commercial Gm Guardian Maintenance 2.m ---
Commercial Good n Plenty Choo Choo Charlie 64kb.m ---
Commercial Goodyear Life Guard Tires 2.m ---
Commercial Goodyear Lifeguard Tires.m ---
Commercial Goodyear Rubber Cement.m ---
Commercial Grape Nuts Flakes 1944.m ---
Commercial Greatest Radio Commercials From Radio's Golden Age.m ---
Commercial Groves Nose Drops.m ---
Commercial Haley's Mineral Oil.m ---
Commercial Hallo Shampoo.m ---
Commercial Halo Shampoo.m ---
Commercial Hamm s Beer.m ---
Commercial House Of Squibb 1946.m ---
Commercial Household Finance Corp.m ---
Commercial Ingram Gasoline.m ---
Commercial Ingram Gasoline 2.m ---
Commercial International Sterling.m ---
Commercial Ironized Yeast.m ---
Commercial Ivory Soap.m ---
Commercial Jello 1955.m ---
Commercial Jello Chocolate Pudding.m ---
Commercial Jello Pudding.m ---
Commercial Jello1955.m ---
Commercial Jergens Lotion.m ---
Commercial Kelloggs Pep.m ---
Commercial Kelloggs Pep 1945.m ---
Commercial Kraft Cheese Spreads 1943.m ---
Commercial Kraft Mustard 1943.m ---
Commercial Kraft Prepared Mustard.m ---
Commercial Kraft Velvetta 01.m ---
Commercial Kraft Velvetta 02.m ---
Commercial Kraft Velvetta 03.m ---
Commercial Kraft Velvetta 1.m ---
Commercial Kraft Velvetta 2.m ---
Commercial Kraft Velvetta 3.m ---
Commercial Lava.m ---
Commercial Levis.m ---
Commercial Lifebouy Health Soap.m ---
Commercial Life Bouy Health Soap1948.m ---
Commercial Lifebuoy Soap.m ---
Commercial Lucky Beer.m ---
Commercial Lucky Strike Cigarettes.m ---
Commercial Luster Cream.m ---
Commercial Lux Toilet Soap.m ---
Commercial March Of Dimes.m ---
Commercial Marlboro.m ---
Commercial Maxwell House Coffee.m ---
Commercial Mayfield Cigarettes.m ---
Commercial Monarch Flour.m ---
Commercial Monarch Flour Commercial.m ---
Commercial Mounds Peter - Paul - Mary.m ---
Commercial Mountain Dew.m ---
Commercial Mr. Clean (1960's).m ---
Commercial N E S T L E S 64kb.m ---
Commercial Nabisco.m ---
Commercial Nash Automobiles.m ---
Commercial Nash Automobiles Xmas.m ---
Commercial NBC Chime.m ---
Commercial Nescafe.m ---
Commercial Nissan.m ---
Commercial Nissan Maxima.m ---
Commercial Northwest Orient Airlines.m ---
Commercial Old Spice.m ---
Commercial Olga Coal.m ---
Commercial Oscar Mayer.m ---
Commercial Ovaltine.m ---
Commercial Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer.m ---
Commercial Palmolive Soap.m ---
Commercial Patti Cake Cookies.m ---
Commercial Patticake Cookies.m ---
Commercial Pepsi Cola.m ---
Commercial Pepsi Cola Come Alive Song.m ---
Commercial Pepsi-1960.m ---
Commercial Pepsodent.m ---
Commercial Perfect Circle Piston Rings.m ---
Commercial Peter - Paul Mounds.m ---
Commercial Philip Morris.m ---
Commercial Philip Morris Cigarettes.m ---
Commercial Pontiac.m ---
Commercial Popsicle.m ---
Commercial Post Toasties.m ---
Commercial Postum.m ---
Commercial Quaker.m ---
Commercial Quaker Puffs.m ---
Commercial Reynolds Aluminum.m ---
Commercial Reynold's Aluminum.m ---
Commercial Rinso.m ---
Commercial Roitan Cigars.m ---
Commercial Rolston Cereal.m ---
Commercial Sal - Hepatica.m ---
Commercial Scary Movie - Whassup!.m ---
Commercial Schlitz Beer.m ---
Commercial Shaffer Beer W Louis Armstrong.m ---
Commercial Signal Gasoline.m ---
Commercial Skelly Oil Company.m ---
Commercial Slinky.m ---
Commercial Squibb Dental Cream 1946.m ---
Commercial Studebaker Lark.m ---
Commercial Sturdy Dog Food.m ---
Commercial Taco Bell.m ---
Commercial Tempo Cigarettes.m ---
Commercial Ting Pimple Cream.m ---
Commercial Tootsie Roll.m ---
Commercial Top Value Stamps.m ---
Commercial Toys 'r Us.m ---
Commercial Trojan Condoms.m ---
Commercial Velveeta.m ---
Commercial Vimm's Vitamins.m ---
Commercial Wheaties Cereal.m ---
Commercial White King Soap.m ---
Commercial Wildroot Cream Oil.m ---
Commercial Wings.m ---
Commercial Winston Tastes Good.m ---
PSA 1943 Wwii Waste Kitchen Fats.m ---
PSA 1945 Ww Ii Merchant Marine.m ---
PSA 1945 Ww Ii Support.m ---
PSA Cold War 1953 Pedro Do you Know What to Do.m ---
PSA Cold War 1959 OCDM My Own Shelter Cost $212.m ---
PSA Cold War 1960 Stars For Defense.m ---
PSA Cold War 1960 Stars For Defense One Small Chinese Schoolboy.m ---
PSA Cold War 1965 Stars For Defense Shelter Beyond the Sign Itself.m ---
PSA Cold War 1965 Stars For Defense Shelter Means Survival.m ---
PSA Cold War 1965 Stars For Defense Where The People Are.m ---
PSA Cold War 1968 Community Shelter in Schools.m ---
PSA Cold War 1968 Community Shelter Program.m ---
PSA Cold War 1968 Design Slanting.m ---
PSA Cold War 1968 EBS 13000 Architects.m ---
PSA Cold War 1968 EBS Community Service Planning SP.m ---
PSA Cold War 1968 Emergency Broadcast System 1.m ---
PSA Cold War 1968 Emergency Broadcast System 2.m ---
PSA Cold War 1968 Emergency Broadcast System 3.m ---
PSA Cold War 1968 Emergency Operating Centers.m ---
PSA Cold War 1968 Fallout Shelter Spaces.m ---
PSA Cold War 1968 Industrial Records Protection.m ---
PSA Cold War 1968 PDS e53 Sounds Pretty Complicated.m ---
PSA Cold War 1968 Personal and Family Survival.m ---
PSA Cold War 1968 Shelter in Schools.m ---
PSA Cold War 1968 Shelter Manager.m ---
PSA Cold War 1968 Slanting the Design.m ---
PSA Cold War Attack Warning.m ---
PSA Cold War Emergency Water Supply.m ---
PSA Cold War ITOA e001 Radioactive Fallout.m ---
PSA Cold War ITOA e003 If Caught in the Open.m ---
PSA Cold War ITOA e005 Improving Fallout Protection ( Basements).m ---
PSA Cold War ITOA e006 Improving Fallout Protetion (no basement).m ---
PSA Cold War ITOA e007 What to Take to Shelter.m ---
PSA Cold War ITOA e008 Emergency Shelter.m ---
PSA Cold War ITOA e009 Fire Hazards.m ---
PSA Cold War ITOA e010 Follow Instructions.m ---
PSA Cold War ITOA e011 Main Hazards of Nuclear Attack [excerpt].m ---
PSA Cold War ITOA e012 Fire Prevention [excerpt].m ---
PSA Cold War ITOA e013 Attack Warning [excerpt].m ---
PSA Cold War ITOA e014 Where to find Shelter - - What to Take Along [excerpt].m ---
PSA Cold War ITOA e015 Improving Fallout Shelter Protection [excerpt].m ---
PSA Cold War ITOA e016 Food and Water [excerpt].m ---
PSA Cold War Leo Hoegh Community Defense.m ---
PSA Cold War Leo Hoegh Conelrad.m ---
PSA Cold War Leo Hoegh Fallout Shelter 1.m ---
PSA Cold War Leo Hoegh Fallout Shelter 2.m ---
PSA Cold War Leo Hoegh Fallout Shelter 3.m ---
PSA Cold War Leo Hoegh First Aid 1.m ---
PSA Cold War Leo Hoegh First Aid 2.m ---
PSA Cold War Leo Hoegh Food Storage.m ---
PSA Cold War Leo Hoegh Preparedness Card.m ---
PSA Cold War Leo Hoegh Warning Signals.m ---
PSA Cold War Public Shelter Sign.m ---
PSA Cold War Radioactive Fallout.m ---
PSA Cold War UK Protect and Survive.m ---
PSA Cold War WBEN Buffalo NY Announcement 53.m ---
PSA Cold War What to Take to Shelter.m ---
PSA Cold War WHEN Syracuse 75 Annoucement.m ---
PSA Gasoline Shortage Communication Full Vincent Price Orson Wells.m ---
PSA Gasoline Shortage Concept Full Henry Fonda.m ---
PSA Gasoline Shortage Fence Full.m ---
PSA Gasoline Shortage Flick Full.m ---
PSA Gasoline Shortage Kittyhawk Full.m ---
PSA Gasoline Shortage Music Full.m ---
PSA Gasoline Shortage Race Full Phyllis Diller .m ---
PSA Gasoline Shortage Spill Full.m ---
PSA Gasoline Shortage Stitches Full.m ---
PSA Gasoline Shortage Store Full.m ---
PSA Gasoline Shortage Teeth Full.m ---
PSA March Of Dimes.m ---
PSA VA Turberculosis.m ---
PSA Vote Comes Election Day(short).m ---
PSA Vote Comes Election Day.m ---
PSA Vote Im Going To Vote.m ---
PSA Vote Married Moved Or Come Of Age.m ---
PSA Vote See You At The Polls.m ---
PSA Vote Well Informed Voter(short).m ---
PSA Vote Well Informed Voter.m ---
Salute to Old Radio Commercials.m ---
Song Fallout Shelter.m ---

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