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Listing of "Collection Adventure-01"

Title Show Date File Size
32 shows some are encoded at the higher quality of 128 kbps.m ---
These are all rare adventure shows.m ---
Ace Williams 1938 e05 The Tunis Terror.m ---
Ace Williams 1938 e10 Duel with Don Carlos.m ---
Action - High Explosives ( Audition).m Jan 15, 1944 (Saturday)
Action80 - ( Audition).m Mar 26, 1952 (Wednesday)
Action Theater - High Explosive ( Audition).m Jan 15, 1944 (Saturday)
Adventure - Monsieur Beaucaire.m Mar 12, 1945 (Monday)
Adventure Inc - Features Pappy Boyington.m Jul 12, 1948 (Monday)
Adventure Inc Mine of the Parrot ( Audition).m ---
Adventurer's Club - e005 Lost Tomb Pt.01.m Feb 8, 1947 (Saturday)
Adventurer's Club - e006 Lost Tomb Pt.02.m Feb 15, 1947 (Saturday)
Adventurer's Club - e007 Lost Tomb Pt.03.m Feb 22, 1947 (Saturday)
Adventures Of Raffles - Chapter20 The Imposter.m Nov 4, 1942 (Wednesday)
Adventure Story - Israel's Rights In America 1776.m Dec 8, 1941 (Monday)
Adventure Trails - Stampede On The Chisolm Trail (audition).m Mar 22, 1946 (Friday)
Adventure Trails Mine Of The Parrot.m ---
Adv Of Ted Drake 1949 e002 The Case of the Invisible Thief.m ---
Advs With Admiral Byrd Mail Coming.m ---
Air Adventures Biggles.m ---
Air Adventures Biggles e1095.m ---
Air Adventures Biggles e1096.m ---
A Man With A Cause - w/Henry Fonda.m May 17, 1948 (Monday)
Amazing Mr Tutt - Audition The Hooting Owl.m Nov 5, 1946 (Tuesday)
Amazing Mr Tutt - Advice To A Young Lawyer [ Premiere].m Jul 5, 1948 (Monday)
American Agent Chapter e046.m ---
An American In England - Women of England.m Aug 24, 1942 (Monday)
An American In England - The Yanks Are Here.m Aug 31, 1942 (Monday)
An American In England - Cromer.m Dec 1, 1942 (Tuesday)
An American In England - Home Is Where You Hang Your Helm.m Dec 8, 1942 (Tuesday)
An American In England - Anglo American Angle.m Dec 15, 1942 (Tuesday)
An American In England - Clipper Home.m Dec 22, 1942 (Tuesday)
Armchair Adventures AFRS 4 West Is West.m ---
Armstrong Of The SBI Deadliest Of The Species(no close).m ---

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