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Listing of "Case Dismissed Confession And Consider Your Verdict"

Title Show Date File Size
Case Dismissed and Consider Your Verdict are court cases and courtroom dramatizations.m ---
Confession is a realistic sounding crime show.m ---
43 shows.m ---
Case Dismissed - Criminal Liability.m Jan 30, 1954 (Saturday)
Case Dismissed - Legal Wills.m Feb 6, 1954 (Saturday)
Case Dismissed - Pitfalls Of Buying A Home.m Feb 13, 1954 (Saturday)
Case Dismissed - Child Support.m Feb 20, 1954 (Saturday)
Case Dismissed - Installment Buying.m Feb 27, 1954 (Saturday)
Case Dismissed - Adoption.m Mar 6, 1954 (Saturday)
Case Dismissed - Landlord And Tennant.m Mar 13, 1954 (Saturday)
Case Dismissed - Rights When Arrested.m Mar 20, 1954 (Saturday)
Case Dismissed - Liability For Minors(WMAQ).m Mar 27, 1954 (Saturday)
Case Dismissed - Libel & Slander(WMAQ).m Apr 17, 1954 (Saturday)
Case Dismissed - Juvenile Delinquency.m Apr 24, 1954 (Saturday)
Confession - The Doris Kane Case.m Jul 5, 1953 (Sunday)
Confession - The Martin Everett Case.m Jul 12, 1953 (Sunday)
Confession - The Anna Carlson Case.m Jul 19, 1953 (Sunday)
Confession - The Esther Phillips Case.m Aug 2, 1953 (Sunday)
Confession - Peter W Greer.m Aug 9, 1953 (Sunday)
Confession - George S Decker.m Aug 16, 1953 (Sunday)
Confession - James V Madsen Case.m Aug 23, 1953 (Sunday)
Confession - The Leo J Fowler Case.m Aug 30, 1953 (Sunday)
Confession - The George S Andress Case.m Sep 6, 1953 (Sunday)
Confession - The Roger S Chapman Case.m Sep 13, 1953 (Sunday)
Consider Your Verdict 1960s Anthony Leech (S Africa).m ---
Consider Your Verdict 1960s Arthur Wheeler (S Africa).m ---
Consider Your Verdict 1960s Joseph Hardy (S Africa).m ---
Consider Your Verdict 1960s Peter Holmes (S Africa).m ---
Consider Your Verdict 1960s Phillip Barker (S Africa).m ---
Consider Your Verdict 1960s Ronald Dartmouth (S Africa).m ---
Consider Your Verdict 1960s Sidney Tourney (S Africa).m ---
Consider Your Verdict 1960s The Crown Vs Ronald Dankworth (S Africa).m ---
Consider Your Verdict - Ann Hale (S Africa).m Dec 6, 1966 (Tuesday)
Consider Your Verdict - Henry John Howell (S Africa).m Oct 22, 1968 (Tuesday)
Consider Your Verdict - Phyllis Mullins (S Africa).m Oct 29, 1968 (Tuesday)
Consider Your Verdict - Martin Russell (S Africa).m Nov 5, 1968 (Tuesday)
Consider Your Verdict - Rosa Harris (S Africa).m Nov 12, 1968 (Tuesday)
Consider Your Verdict - Roger Kenyon (S Africa).m Nov 19, 1968 (Tuesday)
Consider Your Verdict - Ernest Pearson (S Africa).m Nov 26, 1968 (Tuesday)
Consider Your Verdict - Frederick Smith (S Africa).m Dec 3, 1968 (Tuesday)
Consider Your Verdict - Phyllis Mullins.m Sep 30, 1969 (Tuesday)
Consider Your Verdict - Case Agains Gordon Ballentine (S Africa).m Dec 30, 1969 (Tuesday)
Consider Your Verdict - Gordon Ballentine.m Dec 30, 1969 (Tuesday)
Consider Your Verdict - Martin Russell.m Mar 17, 1970 (Tuesday)
Consider Your Verdict - The Crown Vs William Arthur Harris (S Africa).m Mar 18, 1970 (Wednesday)

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