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Listing of "Buck Rogers Complete"

Title Show Date File Size
35 shows most encoded at the higher quality of 128kbps all are 15 minute shows. ---
Serial based on the character who first appeared in Armageddon 2419 A.D. by Philip Francis Nowlan. ---
in the August 1928 issue of the pulp magazine Amazing Stories. ---
Buck Rogers - e0001 Hypno Mentalophone. Apr 5, 1939 (Wednesday)
Buck Rogers - e0002 Gyro Cosmic Relativator. Apr 7, 1939 (Friday)
Buck Rogers - e0003 Enter Killer Kane. Apr 10, 1939 (Monday)
Buck Rogers - e0004 Kidnapped. Apr 12, 1939 (Wednesday)
Buck Rogers - e0005 Prisoners Of Killer Kane. Apr 14, 1939 (Friday)
Buck Rogers - e0006 Ardella Joins The Frey. Apr 17, 1939 (Monday)
Buck Rogers - E0007 Psychic Restriction Ray. Apr 19, 1939 (Wednesday)
Buck Rogers - e0008 Black Barney Joins The Gang. Apr 21, 1939 (Friday)
Buck Rogers - e0009 Killer Kanes Challenge. Apr 24, 1939 (Monday)
Buck Rogers - e0010 Following The Rocket Trail. Apr 26, 1939 (Wednesday)
Buck Rogers - e0011 Black Barney's Ruse. Apr 28, 1939 (Friday)
Buck Rogers - e0012 On The Trail Of Black Barney. May 1, 1939 (Monday)
Buck Rogers - e0013 Mechanical Mole Pt01. May 3, 1939 (Wednesday)
Buck Rogers - e0014 Mechanical Mole Pt02. May 5, 1939 (Friday)
Buck Rogers - e0015 Mechanical Mole Pt03. May 8, 1939 (Monday)
Buck Rogers - e0016 Mechanical Mole Pt04. May 10, 1939 (Wednesday)
Buck Rogers - e0017 Mechanical Mole Pt05. May 12, 1939 (Friday)
Buck Rogers - e0018 Mechanical Mole Pt06. May 15, 1939 (Monday)
Buck Rogers - e0019 Mechanical Mole Pt07. May 17, 1939 (Wednesday)
Buck Rogers - e0020 Chase After Killer Kane Pt01. May 19, 1939 (Friday)
Buck Rogers - e0021 Chase After Killer Kane Pt02. May 21, 1939 (Sunday)
Buck Rogers - e0022 Chase After Killer Kane Pt03. May 23, 1939 (Tuesday)
Buck Rogers - e0023 Chase After Killer Kane Pt04. May 25, 1939 (Thursday)
Buck Rogers - e0024 Chase After Killer Kane Pt05. May 29, 1939 (Monday)
Buck Rogers - (last show). Mar 28, 1947 (Friday)
Buck Rogers e0732 Pts1&2. ---
Buck Rogers e0733 Pts1&2. ---
Buck Rogers e0736 Pt1. ---
Buck Rogers e0737 Pt1. ---
Buck Rogers e0738 Pt2. ---
Buck Rogers e0739 Pt2. ---
Buck Rogers e0740 Pt1. ---

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