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Listing of "Bob Hope-07"

Title Show Date File Size
34 of the various programs that starred comedian Bob Hope.m ---
With many encoded at the HQ 128kbps.m ---
Bob Hope - Something Wonderful Happened Jane Wyman(AFRS).m Jul 1, 1953 (Wednesday)
Bob Hope - David Niven(AFRS).m Aug 23, 1953 (Sunday)
Bob Hope - Whatever Lola Wants Phil Harris And George Jessell.m Sep 25, 1953 (Friday)
Bob Hope - Guest Rosemary Clooney.m Oct 2, 1953 (Friday)
Bob Hope - England Jack Buchanen Douglas Fairbanks Jr (AFRS).m Oct 9, 1953 (Friday)
Bob Hope - Send Me My Broken Heart Bob & Anne Baxter At Sea(AFRS).m Oct 16, 1953 (Friday)
Bob Hope - My Love My Love Job At The Circus w/Burt Lancaster.m Nov 13, 1953 (Friday)
Bob Hope - It Had To Be You Guest Zsa Zsa Gabor(AFRS).m Nov 27, 1953 (Friday)
Bob Hope - History Of The Movies Glenn Ford(AFRS)( Crosstalk).m Dec 4, 1953 (Friday)
Bob Hope - South Of The Border Frank Sinatra.m Dec 11, 1953 (Friday)
Bob Hope - Long Beach Vets Hospital Christmas Time Again Esther Williams.m Dec 25, 1953 (Friday)
Bob Hope - Milk Plug In Monologue Gambling In Las Vegas With Jane Wyman.m Jan 8, 1954 (Friday)
Bob Hope - Rags To Riches Inventions Of The Auto W Virginia Mayo(AFRS).m Jan 22, 1954 (Friday)
Bob Hope - Blue Pacific Blues w/Richard Widmark.m Feb 19, 1954 (Friday)
Bob Hope - The History Of Radio With David Niven(AFRS).m Mar 5, 1954 (Friday)
Bob Hope - Bob Starts His Own Record Company With Rosemary Clooney (AFRS).m Apr 2, 1954 (Friday)
Bob Hope - Typical Day At Paramount W Donna Reed(AFRS).m Apr 23, 1954 (Friday)
Bob Hope - Young At Heart Road To Cactus Gulch W Robert Ryan(AFRS).m Apr 30, 1954 (Friday)
Bob Hope - Make Love To Me African Safari w/Grace Kelly.m May 14, 1954 (Friday)
Bob Hope - Make Love To Me African Safari W Grace Kelly(AFRS).m May 14, 1954 (Friday)
Bob Hope - Answer Me My Love Sherlock W Merle Oberon(AFRS).m May 21, 1954 (Friday)
Bob Hope - Guest Merle Oberon.m May 21, 1954 (Friday)
Bob Hope - Jack Kirkwood Pretends To Be Bing(AFRS).m May 28, 1954 (Friday)
Bob Hope - Jack Kirkwood Sells A Hot Car(AFRS).m Nov 18, 1954 (Thursday)
Bob Hope - You Are My Sunshine At The Dentist W Jane Wyman(AFRS).m Dec 9, 1954 (Thursday)
Bob Hope - Christmas Show From Long Beach Veterans Hospital(AFRS).m Dec 23, 1954 (Thursday)
Bob Hope - Greenland w/William Holden.m Jan 13, 1955 (Thursday)
Bob Hope - Make Yourself Comfortable Cactus Gulch W Jimmy Stewart(AFRS).m Jan 27, 1955 (Thursday)
Bob Hope - Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea(AFRS).m Feb 17, 1955 (Thursday)
Bob Hope - Twiddy Dee Claire Trevor Does High And The Mighty (AFRS).m Mar 31, 1955 (Thursday)
Bob Hope - Guest Maureen Ohara.m Apr 7, 1955 (Thursday)
Bob Hope - Stowaways Jim Backus NBC President (AFRS)(LQ).m Apr 21, 1955 (Thursday)
Bob Hope - Whatever Lola Wants Bob Tries To Get Hired For Next Year With Jim Backus.m Apr 21, 1955 (Thursday)
Bob Hope - Long Binh Viet Nam 1st Leap Frog (AFRS).m Dec 25, 1968 (Wednesday)

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