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Listing of "ABC Mystery Time And Black Mass"

Title Show Date File Size
34 shows both are in the mystery and horror anthology genre.m ---
ABC Mystery Time 1956 Death Walked In ---
ABC Mystery Time - Suicide Club w/Sir Laurence Olivier Jun 7, 1956 (Thursday)
ABC Mystery Time 1957 Four Fatal Jugglers ---
ABC Mystery Time 1957 Four Time Loser ---
ABC Mystery Time 1957 Half An Hour ---
ABC Mystery Time 1957 Murder In Haste ---
ABC Mystery Time 1957 My Adventure In Norfolk ---
ABC Mystery Time 1957 No One Will Ever Know ---
ABC Mystery Time 1957 Picture of Dorian Gray ---
ABC Mystery Time 1957 Success Story ---
ABC Mystery Time 1957 The Overcoat ---
ABC Mystery Time 1957 The Tale ---
ABC Mystery Time Death By Proxy ---
Black Mass - All Hallows Feb 29, 1964 (Saturday)
Black Mass - Rats in the Walls Jul 3, 1964 (Friday)
Black Mass - Man in the Crowd & MS Found in a Bottle Jul 29, 1964 (Wednesday)
Black Mass - Country Doctor Nov 6, 1964 (Friday)
Black Mass - Atrophy Nov 7, 1964 (Saturday)
Black Mass - Moonlit Road Nov 30, 1964 (Monday)
Black Mass - Diary of a Madman Dec 19, 1964 (Saturday)
Black Mass - The Jolly Corner Jan 7, 1965 (Thursday)
Black Mass - Bartleby The Scrivner Sep 14, 1965 (Tuesday)
Black Mass - Squaw Aug 6, 1966 (Saturday)
Black Mass - Outsider Nov 20, 1968 (Wednesday)
Black Mass - The Death of Halpin Fraser Sep 30, 1969 (Tuesday)
Black Mass - The Ash Tree Oct 20, 1969 (Monday)
Black Mass - Flies Oct 24, 1969 (Friday)
Black Mass - Evening Primrose ( Poor Sound) Oct 30, 1969 (Thursday)
Black Mass - Oil Of Dog Esme Nov 13, 1970 (Friday)
Black Mass - O Mirror Mirror Sheeta And Cusiba Nov 23, 1970 (Monday)
Black Mass A Predicament & the Tell - Tale Heart ---
Black Mass An Evening's Entertainment ---
Black Mass Boarded Window ---
Black Mass Haunted House ---

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