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1.I DON'T SELL NEAR EMPTY DISCS!I fill my discs... A lot of other dealers sell discs with ONLY 5-6 shows at 32kbps at the full price! When I have a limited series- such as Buck Rogers, Beulah, Haunting Hour, or My Little Margie, that has only a FEW episodes available - I try to package most of them in combination with other programs or in "GENRE" collections, like KID SHOWS, COMEDY, THRILLERS, DRAMA AND CRIME! Check out those collections and get that desired series and dozens of others in one package, instead of spending $30-$40 on several NEAR EMPTY DISCS!

2. Professionally Printed Disc with Paper sleeve As graphic designers, our site started out offering downloadable labels for collectors but resisted labeling our discs until they could be done without increasing costs to you, and at a quality we demand. Our discs now feature professionally beautiful printed labels right on the discs, (No stickers!) . Discs are shipped in paper sleeves to keep your cost down.

3. OUR BEST CUSTOMERS- OTHER DEALERS!- Some of my best customers are other DEALERS! Most Dealers do not encode their own shows, in other words, they are buying their shows from me and re-selling them to you. Why? Because I am constantly improving the collection, I work on the collection, always looking, recording and pressing better quality versions of the shows. They know that-buy from me, and sell it back to you, because they know my discs are always the best they could be! Most dealer's don't have the collection of this size and scope - so they don't bother to mention it, so they compensate with lame labels and special deals. Cut out the middle man! If you like to listen to your shows- you'll get the best available here. If not - buy it later from someone else! Because I webcast, collect and encode, you get the highest quality available here.

4. FREE Shipping & Handling when you spend more than $11.99!

. I priced my discs so you can take advantage of quantity shipping discounts. It's always more economical to order several discs than just one. Discs are usuallly mailed within 48 hours. If you are ordering from out of the United States , there is an additional charge of $29.00+ US per order (depending on the size of the package). Click the button below to add that shipping charge, your order will be shipped Global Priority or Airmail if available. (5-10days).

5. Title Format- Many sites have several differnt titling formats, even on the same disc! All our titles are consistently formatted as follows: NameOfShow_Date_Program (example: Suspense_1942-09-23_SorryWrongNumber__AMoorehead) clearly understandable and Millennium compliant, our discs have a titling consistency that will make a difference if you start to catalogue your collection. Also with MP3 ID Tags, playlists and pictures etc.

6. Copied on the Highest Quality Discs, Compared And Verified- We don't choose to save a nickel a disc using Gold, Blue,Green, or other low grade discs that degrade over time. We use the same discs we trust for our master discs - Full Size CD-R Silver Media commercial grade media that is 100% guaranteed. Our Standard full size media ranges from 12X CD-RWs to 52X CD-Rs (74min to 80 min). Each copied disc is compared to the original and verified - which means it shouldn't leave our store with any errors.

7. QUALITY MARKINGS (LQ) Means?- Many recordings contain "noise" , "skips" etc. that are sometimes unavoidable because of the "source" recording, other times, it 's just a bad recording. We mark a recording (LQ) if we think it's difficult to listen to. It does not mean it is unlistenable, it's less pleasurable. We usually don't webcast these recordings unless they have an unsual historical significance. Keep in mind that most sellers DO NOT mark these files even though the are of equal quality. We do...we choose to keep a record of shows that need to be upgraded, still prefering to make them available.

8, CD Discount Sets- The discount on CD Sets is an automatic 20% per disc! For example, a 3 set disc will have %20 off even my sale price !

9. The Best Collection Available - - Because we also Webcast podcast and broadcast these shows, we are just as frustrated as you with other collections that continue to sell duplicate shows with alternate titles, low quality shows, when better quality versions are available! They continue to sell padded collections with false titles, 1/2 shows or excerpts sold as complete shows, etc.

OUR New Standard for HIGH QUALITY is 128kbps! so we will encode all new versions at that rate as they become available!

We often do audio reprocessing on current circulating shows, if we think they need speed correction, or we think we can improve the listenability of the recording. The other guys, just don't do that. Don't you dare think that bad sounding collection from another site will be the same over here, we may have fixed it, just send us an email and we'll tell you.

Every attempt to eliminate duplicate and mis-dated shows is a constant battle. When we have duplicate copies of shows, we compare them against each other and choose the best sounding version. Our goal is to have the best collection available on the Internet. We currently have over 400 discs and over 43,000 DIFFERENT shows in our collection. We are limited by the qualty of the original recording but we will always keep our collection up to the highest quality sound standards, by encoding our own versions , replacing lower quality versions. We have to, to maintain the quality of our webcast, and we pass that along to you. Now that we have achieved the goal of our upgrade, we will continue to improve and add to the collection to continue this standard of excellence.

Where's My Order?- I still am able to get orders in the mail within 48 hours. You should have your disc within 3-10 business days, when you use our free shipping. If you want you can choose faster shipping at checkout. WE WANT TO KNOW ABOUT UNUSUAL DELAYS SO email [] Sometimes the USPS fails us or slows delivery, but it's alright to check if you are concerned! We cshould be able to tell you when it was mailed out!

INTERNATIONAL PLEASE NOTE: When you check out select the International shipping from the drop down list.

"Complete" means- A complete collection is one that contains all known existing shows. That may mean some shows may be missing because the original discs have not survived destruction.

Format- MP3 at various bitrates, shows we have encoded ourselves are 128kbps. This is our new standard when adding our own encodes and a preference when trading. Discs may have less shows on it , because they are recorded at higher qualities as high as 128kbps. Please understand that MP3 is a compression format that will not play on regular CD Audio players. They will either play on your computer or on MP3 capable CD players.

Prices- Are U.S. Currency.

Notice: This site only sells old time radio discs that are presumed to be in the public domain. If you find material on this site that you believe is under copyright, that we are unaware of, please notify us at [] with proof of copyright and we will promptly remove it. does not knowingly sell any copyrighted material.