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America Looks Abroad

America Looks Abroad


ALA-001 America Looks Abroad

11940-01-07 The World Was Very Interested
21940-01-14 Food Rationing Has Begun
31940-01-21 Analysis Of Coming Expiration
41940-01-28 Can America Defend Its Neutral Rights?
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Sale Price: $5.99

ALA-002 America Looks Abroad

11940-02-04 The Tug Of War In The Balkans
21940-02-11 Is Europe Ready For Roosevelt
31940-02-18 Sinking Of The Graf Spee
41940-03-03 Scandinavia On The Firing Line
Regular Price: $6.99
Sale Price: $5.99

ALA-003 America Looks Abroad

11940-03-10 Europe After The Moscow Peace
21940-03-24 Can Germany Dictate The Peace
31940-03-31 Britain's Home Front
41940-04-14 Germany's War Aims In Scandina
Regular Price: $6.99
Sale Price: $5.99

ALA-004 America Looks Abroad

11940-04-21 War Spreads In Europe
21940-04-28 The American Republics
31940-05-05 The Norwegian Campaign
41940-05-12 Germany Has Invaded Holland
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Sale Price: $5.99

ALA-005 America Looks Abroad

11940-05-19 America And European Crisis
21940-05-26 Hitler Does Not Shrink (missing first 2 minutes)
31940-06-02 Great Britain Prepare Invasion
41940-06-09 Italy Girds Itself For War
Regular Price: $6.99
Sale Price: $5.99

ALA-006 America Looks Abroad

11940-06-16 Battle Of France In The USA
21940-06-23 Plight Of Britain
31940-06-30 What Next In Europe
41940-07-07 The Fate Of British Dominion
Regular Price: $6.99
Sale Price: $5.99

ALA-007 America Looks Abroad

11940-07-14 The New Order In France
21940-07-21 Economic Defense Of America
31940-07-28 Pan American Conference
41940-08-04 Germany Strikes At Britain
Regular Price: $6.99
Sale Price: $5.99

ALA-008 America Looks Abroad

11940-08-11 Italy's Invasion Of Africa
21940-08-18 America's Choice In Europe
31940-08-25 The Seige Of Britain
41940-09-15 America Weighs Her Course
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Sale Price: $5.99

ALA-009 America Looks Abroad

11940-09-22 Europe Under Nazi Rule
21940-09-29 Japan's Plans In Indochina
31940-10-06 The British Empire Under Fire
41940-10-13 Conscription And Our Defenses
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Sale Price: $5.99

ALA-010 America Looks Abroad

11940-10-20 Washington Answers The Axis
21940-10-27 America's Economic Defense
31940-11-03 The Struggle In The Eastern
41940-11-10 New Bases For American Defense
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Sale Price: $5.99

ALA-011 America Looks Abroad

11940-11-17 The Outlook In The Far East
21940-11-24 Russia's Role In World Conflict
31940-12-01 American Aid To Britain
41940-12-08 Axis Prospects In The Balkans
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Sale Price: $5.99

ALA-012 America Looks Abroad

11940-12-15 Inside Germany
21940-12-22 Inside England
31940-12-29 War And Peace Prospects For 1941
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Sale Price: $3.99

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