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Jergen's Journal

Jergen's Journal With Walter Winchell


JRG-001 Jergan's Journal

11945-06-24 Big Shot War Criminals
21945-07-15 King Leopoldof
31945-08-12 Ray Henley Subs
41946-02-10 Dope Fiend Drummer
51946-11-10 Showgirl Suicide
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JRG-002 Jergan's Journal

11946-12-21 Sam Jackson Dies
21947-11-09 UN Condemns Warmongering
31948-01-11 Godfreys Son Is Mending
41948-09-05 Tyrone Power's Wedding
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JRG-003 Jergan's Journal

11948-12-05 Senator Gurney Arrested
21948-12-19 Snowstorms
31948-12-26 Your Husband Was No Communist
41949-03-27 Jack Kapp Has Died
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