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Hear The Horror!
The wonderful thing about the listening a horror radio program is that your mind is in control. And that head of yours can conjure up images way scarier than anything a television or film director can. That’s because “The Theater Of The Mind” taps into your deepest fears amplified by the power of your imagination.
For this collection, we put together an excellent mixture of Horror, Mystery and Science Fiction that will exercise your imagination and put a shiver in your bones. So turn out the lights, sit back and get ready to scare yourself to death. It’s time for you to “Hear The Horror”!
20 Digitally restored original and unedited radio broadcasts.


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C01 Mystery House “The Thirsty Death” A tale of mad dogs and a jealous husband. Starring Bela Lugosi and John CarradineOut Of This World “Dead Of Night” The story of the ventriloquist and his dummy with a mind of his own. Starring Art Carney (February 28, 1948)

CD 02 Everyman's Theater “The Cat Wife” An unhappy marriage gets worse when the wife begins a strange transformation. Starring Raymond Edward Johnson (October 18, 1940)
Hermit's Cave “Hansen's Ghost” A man's determination to live forever requires the souls of others.

CD 03 Hall Of Fantasy “The Dance Of The Devil Dolls” An creepy story about voodoo dolls and their evil mistress (February 09, 1953)
Inner Sanctum Mysteries “The Song Of The Slasher” A killer is loose in an apartment building who whistles a eerie tune. Starring Arnold Moss (April 24, 1945)

CD 04 Escape! “Three Skeleton Key” An isolated lighthouse is attacked by thousands of ship rats. Starring Vincent Price (March 17, 1950)
Macabre “The Edge Of Evil” A scientist exposes his ghostly creation. (January 08, 1962)

CD 05 Lights Out “It Happened!" A society woman get's lost in the sewers of Paris. Starring Mercedes McCambridge (May 11,1938)
Murder At Midnight “The Line Is Dead” A man who was nearly buried alive has a telephone installed in his coffin. Starring Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Edward Johnson. (April 07,1947)

CD 06 Suspense “Donovan's Brain” Part 1 After a man dies, a scientist keeps the strong willed man's brain alive in a jar. Starring Orson Welles (May 18, 1944)
Suspense “Donovan's Brain” Part 2 (May 25, 1944)

CD 07 Mystery In The Air “The Mask of Medusa” Forty seven murderers who are frozen solid in a wax museum, still possess active minds.
(September 04, 1947)
Quiet Please “The Thing On The Fourble Board” A creature from beneath the earth climbs up an oil well pipe to the surface. (August 04, 1948)

CD 08 Mercury Summer Theater “The Hitchhiker” On a road trip, a man sees the same hitchhiker, again and again and again.
Starring Orson Welles. (June 21, 1945)
Mysterious Traveler “Behind The Locked Door” A man lost in a pitch black cave with a strangely affectionate creature he cannot see!
(November 06, 1951)

CD 09 Suspense “The House In Cypress Canyon” A chilling story of the supernatural with werewolves, screams in the night and impossible happenings. Starring Robert Taylor and Jim Backus. (December 05, 1946)
Weird Circle “A Terribly Strange Bed” A sadistic fat man enjoys squeezing people to death.(October 03, 1943)

CD 10 Inner Sanctum Mysteries “'Till Death Do Us Part ” A honeymoon couple witness a murder and then are stalked by the killer. Starring Everett Sloane & Mercedes McCambridge (October 27, 1947)
X Minus One “Mars Is Heaven” Astronauts arrive on Mars to find their dead friends and family living in an idyllic world.