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Lyve 3 65 has a free downloadable program called "start 3 65". If you download this program it puts a connection on your desktop that allows you to store your sign-in name, and your favorite stations. If you can get someone to help you set it up then you wouldn't have to deal with signing in. The start 3 65 program would still use your favored program to play the shows.

Link for installing the Lyve 3 65 Player

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Program descriptions

Please note: Out listing order has changed. Try our O T R Now Radio Program webcast or listen to our CRIMETIME Webcast. Podcasts are listed last.

  1. Listen to the O T R Now Radio Program on Lyve3 65
  2. Listen to The O T R Now Radio Program on your player (new webcast )


  1. Listen to CRIME TIME on Lyve3 65
  2. Listen to CRIME TIME on YOUR PLAYER


  1. Listen to O T R Now Podcasts



Lyve 3 65 requires logging in.

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Our webcasts are remastered for the highest possible quality with the lowest possible bandwidth - which means no jamming if you use a 32-56 baud modem or higher. Due to different computer set-ups, a few different ways to link to our webcast are provided.

O T R NOW Radio Program & Podcasts- We feature all types of Old Radio programs from our collection of over 53,000 shows including comedy, mystery, drama, serials, news, adventure, game shows etc. Many of our shows are reprocessed for the best sound quality possible and because our collection is so vast you will hear programs you won't hear anywhere else.

O T R Now CRIME TIME Featuring Old-time Radio Detectives, Cops & Robbers, Guns & Ghouls Danger & Dames!

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