Our Patrons are responsible for helping to fund our webcasts that make Old Time Radio available to everyone.  Their support has helped us focus on making the webcast better and allow it to grow into a better and better service, free to everyone, without jarring modern day commercials.  Here are some of the improvements we've been able to make thanks to them.

1. They have helped fund the webcasts, that allows us to spend more money on obtaining new and better quality shows.

2. Because we don't need to advertise as much to fund the webcasts, we have reduced the program interruptions from every hour to every 2 hours. We hope to increase that in the future.

3. We have been able to pay for more server storage, that allows us to make smoother transitions and update programming more easily..

4. With more storage we have been able to have more holiday specials scheduled for Thanksgiving Christmas and New Years. We look forward to doing more of this.

5. We are spending less time on selling shows to help fund the program and more time preparing the webcast.

Our patrons have helped make our webcast better for us and better for you. Here are their names and we should all be thankful for them!


Bryce A Balsley
Darryl A Grubbs
Frank Stabile
John Ickeringill
Joseph P Green
Kimberly Sibert
Lori Buda
Murray Bevitz
Raymond Li
Stephen L Bowers
Steven Wickliffe
Susan Vollmer
Tina Rowe

George Gillotti


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