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Tales Of Reporters On The Radio


Stop The Press!


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From hardboiled to homespun, newspaper reporters were featured prominently as dramatic characters during the Golden Age of Radio in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Radio Again is pleased to bring together 15 of these classic audio shows for your listening pleasure, all digitally remastered and restored. Stop the Press! includes the critically acclaimed drama Night Beat starring Frank Lovejoy, the folksy Rogers of the Gazette featuring Will Rogers Jr., the delightful light comedy Bright Star with Fred McMurray and Irene Dunne, the classic Front Page starring Everett Sloane, the hardboiled Deadline Mystery starring Steve Dunne, the long-running Casey, Crime Photographer with Staats Cotsworth along with San Francisco Final starring Jeff Chandler and Big Story, both featuring dramatizations based on actual news stories of the day. Joining these stars are some of the finest supporting radio actors of the day, including Parley Baer, Joan Banks, Harry Bartell, Jackson Beck, Ed Begley, William Conrad, Ted DeCorsia, John Dehner, Larry Dobkin, Georgia Ellis , Virginia Greg, Bill Johnstone, Byron Kane, John Larkin, Jan Minor, Jeanette Nolan, Mary Patton, Vic Perrin, June Whitley, Barbara Jean Wong, Ben Wright and more.
Includes a Program Booklet featuring background information and photographs by radio historian Anthony Tollin.
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Night Beat – Tong War 4/17/1950
Night Beat – Doctor’s Secret 8/21/1950
Night Beat – Juke Box Romance 5/18/1951
Night Beat – Somebody Stop Ann 8/7/1952
Rogers of the Gazette – Newspaper Being Taken Over 7/8/1953
Rogers of the Gazette – Jimmy Reynolds Story 7/15/1953
Deadline Mystery – A Boy Asks For Help 8/10/1947
San Francisco Final – Chinatown 7/26/1954
Big Story – Case of the Counterfeit Coin 10/1/1947
Big Story – Manhunt in Manhattan 1/7/1948
Bright Star – Oil Swindle 10/23/1952
Bright Star – Miss America Visits 11/13/1952
Casey, Crime Photographer – The Demon Miner 3/30/1947
Casey, Crime Photographer – The Loaded Dice 9/4/1947
Ford Theater – The Front Page 5/9/1948 (I hour Episode)