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Couples In Crime Collection


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Radio Detectives & Their Ladies
While most of the radio detectives whose exploits aired during the Golden Age of Radio were men who brought the guilty to justice, detecting duos -- either married couples or private investigators with Gal Fridays -- were equally popular with the listening public. Radio Again is pleased to present this anthology of shows selected from some of these series. Included in this collection are episodes of Mr. & Mrs. North starring Alice Frost, Joseph Curtin, Barbara Britton, and Richard Denning; Adventures of the Abbotts starring Claudia Morgan and Les Damon; Results Incorporated starring Claire Trevor and Lloyd Nolan, and Let George Do It starring Bob Bailey and Frances Robinson. Joining these performers are supporting actors Bea Benederet, Gloria Blondell, Ann Corio, Kenny Delmar, Mandel Kramer, Wally Maher, Jay Novello, Everett Sloane, Luis Van Rooten, and many more, including rare radio performances by Claire Luce and baseball great Jackie Robinson. Also included is a Program Guide by radio historian Jack French, author of the Agatha Award-winning book, Private Eyelashes: Radio's Lady Detectives with photographs and background information about the shows. 8 Audio CDs - Digitally Remastered and Restored. 19 Episodes Total ---includes 3 bonus tracks-- running time approximately 8 hours.
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ADVENTURES OF THE ABBOTTS “Royal Purple Scooter” 1/23/1955 AFRS, “Rickshaw Red Lipstick” 1/30/1955 AFRS
ADVENTURES OF THE ABBOTTS “The Burnt Copper Powder” 2/24/1955 AFRS, “Blood Red Diamond” 1/6/1955 AFRS
ADVENTURES OF THE ABBOTTS “Canary Yellow Sack” 3/20/1955 AFRS, “The Blue Rocket Express” 4/17/1955 AFRS
RESULTS INCORPORATED “Last of the Bloody Gillettes” 12/16/1944, “The Mummy Walks” 12/30/1944
LET GEORGE DO IT “Am I My Brother’s Keeper” 4/12/1948, “The Penthouse Roof” 4/19/1948
LET GEORGE DO IT “The Seven Dead Years” 10/25/1948, “Lady in Distress” 4/25/1949
MR. & MRS. NORTH “The Literary Murders” 1/26/1944, “Pam Goes it Alone” AFRS Mystery Playhouse 8/2/1944
MR. & MRS. NORTH “Hostage”, “No Vacation from Murder”