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TV's Greatest Shows

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The Golden Age of Television lives again with this treasure-trove of TV favorites … DIGITALLY RESTORED ON DVD! Jack Benny, Burns and Allen, Eve Arden in Our Miss Brooks, Red Skelton and Ozzie and Harriet will keep you laughing … Dragnet's Sergeant Joe Friday, Mr. &Mrs. North and Racket Squad will keep you guessing who-done-it … You’ll deep-sea dive into danger with Sea Hunt and ride with The Lone Ranger and Tonto on another thrilling adventure of the old west and more!!!

This collection of “family-friendly” programming includes 4 complete TV shows on each of the 3 DVDs - 12 shows in all - 5 hours of viewing fun!  Includes:


The Jack Benny Program 10-31-54 “How Jack Found Mary”

Dragnet 09-09-54 “The Big Crime”

The Burns and Allen Show 10-09-52 “Free Trip to Hawaii”

The Lone Ranger 12-29-49 “Cannonball McKay”

The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet 02-13-53 “Valentine Show”

Sea Hunt 1956 “Mark of the Octopus” (pilot)

The Red Skelton Show 01-25-55 “Trailer home”

Suspense 06-29-54 “The Hunted”

Our Miss Brooks 05-13-55 “Here is Your Past”

Mr. & Mrs. North 12-05-52 “The Comic Strip Tease”

The Life of Riley 04-24-53 “Riley’s Operation”

Racket Squad 02-28-52 “Hearse Chaser”


TV's Greatest Shows

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Originating From Early Radio


The Golden Age of Television lives again with this treasure-trove of TV favorites … DIGITALLY RESTORED ON DVD!

George Burns &Gracie Allen Show 11/09/1950 - Tax Assessor
The Great Gildesleeve With Willard Waterman- 1955 Gildy's Poem
Our Miss Brooks 06/03/1955 Home Cooked meal
Dragnet 08/26/1954 The Big Producer
Mr &Mrs North 02/02/1954 Target
Dangerous Assignment 1952 Blood Stained Feather
The Adventures Of Ellery Queen With Lee Boman11/08/1951 Murder To Music
Sherlock Holmes 1954 The Case Of Lady Beryl
Phillip Marlowe, Detective - Murder Is A Grave Affair
Mr. District Attorney 1954 - Rehearsed Robberies
Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy 11/23/1950 - Thanksgiving Day Show
Life Of Riley With William Bendix 01/02/1953 Babs School Election
Fibber McGee &Molly With Bob Sweeney &Cathy Lewis - Pilot Show
Halls Of Ivy With Ronald &Benita Coleman 05/17/1955 The Umbrella Man
Boston Blackie With Kent Taylor 1952 Johnny Evans
Gangbusters 09/18/1952 - The Case Of Willie Sutton
Richard Diamond Private Detective With David Janssen - Picture Of Fear
The Third Man With Michael Rennie - Listen For The Sound Of A Witch
Flash Gordon With Steve Holland 1954 - The Planet Of Death
The Lone Ranger With Clayton Moore And Jay Silverheels (Original Airdate 12/08/1949) 1955 (RERUN) Finders Keepers
Roy Rogers Show 11/21/1954 - Bad Neighbors
Jack Benny 04/19/1953 With Fred Allen
The Adventures Of Ozzie &Harriet 10/31/1952 The Halloween Party
Duffy's Tavern With Ed Gardner 1954 Grand Opening First Episode


Game Shows

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Classic Game Shows Of The Fifties Volume One
Beat The Clock / I've Got A Secret
Starring Bud Collyer & Garry Moore

Beat The Clock (2 episodes): The father of wacky game shows, "Beat The Clock" features couples competing for cash and prizes by performing outrageous physical stunts. The hilarious format of "Beat The Clock" has been copied countless times and the show itself enjoyed several revivals as recently as 2002. Host Bud Collyer is best remembered as the voice of the man of steel on the Superman radio show as well as on Fleischer Studios legendary animated shorts. Hosted by Bud Collyer; Directed by Franklin Helller. Episodes originally aired 1950-1961.
I've Got a Secret (2 episodes): Celebrity panelists compete to be the first to uncover the secrets of invited guests on America's number one game show "I've Got a Secret." Produced on the heels of the popular show "What's My Line," "I've Got a Secret" proved to be even more successful - running for fourteen years. Television star Garry Moore hosted the show till 1964 when he was replaced by Steve Allen. The original version of the show ended in 1967, but briefly returned in the summer of 1976 with original panelist Bill Cullen as the host. Hosted by Garry Moore; Starring Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Bill Cullen, Jayne Meadows, Henry Morgan, Faye Emerson; Directed by Frank Satenstein. Episodes originally aired 1952-1967. Cast and Crew:
Number of Discs: 1 Run Time: 1 hours, 57 minutes Video: Black & White Region: Region 0 encoding; Can be played worldwide, NTSC-format. Release Date: July 31, 2007

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