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Dangerous Assighment


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Dangerous Assignment (TV Series)
Starring: Brian Donlevy

Special agent Steve Mitchell travels the globe and encounters action and intrigue in four thrilling episodes of this classic TV series.

Join Steve Mitchell (Brian Donlevy) in this suspense filled series of danger and espionage, as he travels across the world on assignment for the United States Government. Agent Mitchell unravels the sinister plots of those seeking the downfall of peace and democracy.
Mine Story: Mitchell journeys to the volatile Middle East to investigate the assassination of an Arabian leader.
Incident: A dangerous web of intrigue and deceit unfolds as Mitchell searches for a missing diplomat and his daughter.
Art Treasure: A trail of bodies leads Mitchell on a train ride into danger, as he pursues art thieves holding the key to a stolen Nazi fortune.
Manager Story: A European scientist desperate for the safe return of his son gives Mitchell information that may lead to the capture of an international spy.
Run Time: 103 minutes Number of Discs: 1 Originally Released in 1949 Black &White No region encoding; For global distribution.




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Dragnet was one of the earliest and longest running Police Dramas on TV. In the Fifties, Jack Webb created a straight forward no-nonsense documentary style look at crime in the big city. As Sergeant Joe Friday of the L.A.P.D., Webb had several partners over the years including Ben Alexander and Henry Morgan. Also known as Badge 714, the show made famous the deathless line: Just the facts, ma'am. Sit back, The story you are about to hear is true...

THE BIG 17 (1952) The mounting tension and crime among local youths lead Sergeants Friday and Smith to a narcotics ring run by a neighborhood teenager. A brutal attack and theft of narcotics lead to a manhunt for the young ring leader. Police procedures lead to a shocking climax that parallels today¹s events!
THE BIG GIRL (1952) A rash of burglaries having two things in common: a tall beautiful young woman (or is it a woman?) and a .38 caliber handgun. Through the persistent investigative work of Sergeants Friday and Smith, along with the assistance of a taxi driver, the surprising outcome will leave you speechless!

THE BIG BANK ROBBERY (1953) An armed bank robbery leaves Sergeants Friday and Smith with few clues. Fortunately the bank guard obtains a partial license plate number - the only lead. As the list of suspects dwindles, a jealous neighbor provides the information that gives the case an unusual twist!

Gang Busters was based on cases from police and FBI files, this docu-drama crime exposé explodes onto your TV screen! The gritty TV crime show sprang from a successful radio series that ran from 1936-1957 and featured narration by Phillips H. Lord and Chester Morris. Opening music and graphics get you ready for a riveting experience, and here are three of the best.
THE BURL CASE (1952) A famous jewel thief with a knack for escape goes on the prowl in Seattle. Relying on his charm, he makes in-roads through young society ladies, to the richest people in the city. Will anyone admit to aiding this nice fellow?
THE ALVIN KARPIS STORY (1952) Alvin Karpis rose to infamy with Ma Barker¹sgang. He was wanted from coast to coast for several robberies and murder, successfully evading capture time after time. A botched attempt at plastic surgery offers agents a chance to capture Karpis. Can he once again elude them by going fishing?
THE OLD TRAPPER (1952) Special Guest Star: John Carradine. A local warden is murdered during an attempt to arrest Duncan, a hermit who has been harassing his neighbors. Duncan takes to the woods, forcing authorities to deputize a trapper to bring him in. Several weeks of cat and mouse brin



Sherlock Holmes & Racket Squad


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Sherlock Holmes/ Racket Squad - 2 Disc Collection

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes comes bursting to life int his popular series. Ronald Howard, who plays Sherlock, is the son of Leslie Howard of "Gone with the Wind." This complete series was filmed in France with an American cast. H. Marion Crawford plays Watson and Archie Duncan is Inspector Lestrade. Keep an eye peeled for Duncan in other roles when Lestrade is off screen. Brilliant deductions, a deerstalker hat and the calabash pipe make for enjoyable viewing!
THE BELLIGERENT GHOST. While walking home, Watson finds a troubled man and helps him. But the man dies by the time he gets to his flat. Trying to settle his nerves, Watson visits the local pub and upon leaving, claims he was struck in the eye by the dead man, a certain Albert Higgins, curator of a local museum. In classic form, Sherlock investigates what appears to be a ghost and again demonstrates to Scotland Yard and all concerned that he is"the" master detective, magnifying glass and all.
THE CARELESS SUFFRAGETTE. A young woman activist, played by Doreen Meridith, is naively swayed by a women's rights group led by a domineering woman. The group is, not unexpectedly for the time, largely ignored and decides to make a statement by hiring an anarchist to build a bomb. The scheme turns tragic and unveils some truths about the group's leader. Holmes is faced with the difficult task of uncovering the unlikely suspect behind the plot.
THE UNLUCKY GAMBLER. An 11 year old boy comes to Baker Street and hires Holmes to find his father, who has been missing for over a week. By observing the boy and hearing his jargon, Holmes deduces his father to be a gambler. An interesting chase of Jack Driscoll, the "Collector," ensues. A personal interest in the boy and the case results and a sensitive Holmes makes every effort to protect the father and son.

Reed Hadley as Captain Braddock brought thrilling, dramatic, real life stories from Police files all over the country. Every year fraud took more money from the American public than bank robberies and violent crime, and as Captain Braddock warned the audience each week, "It could happen to you." Here are three classic scams.
ONE MORE DREAM (1952) Commodore Stitch meets Titus Meely, an eccentric millionaire who is interested in clairvoyance. Posing as Von Rincor, Stitch lures Meely to his phony lab where he demonstrates his clairvoyance machine by having his stooge predict horse races and stock prices. Stitch gets Meelyt o make a large investment in an alleged fuel-less engine. When it fails to work Meely takes things into his own hands.
THE RACCOON HUNT (1951) Two ex-cons, Fred Brady and Ted Watson, team with Orville Green to scam Fred Huntington, the richest man in town. They convince him to join them on a coon hunt to decide a bet on the best hunting dog. Orville runs the dogs, Brady gets Huntington to fire the gun wildly, and Watson fakes being killed. This leads to blackmail, until Fred's mother gets involved with the Racket Squad.
BLESSED EXPENSE (1952) While visiting a local hospital, Captain Braddock notices a patient getting a lot of attention from doctors, nurses and a reporter. He is told the man is Police Captain Nichols. Braddock, however, knows better. He recognizes him as Jim Doyle, a partner in a team that has successfully bilked members of the film industry across the country with fake fire inspections and phony charitable ads.



TV's Greatest Detectives


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All your favorite TV detectives are here … DIGITALLY RESTORED ON DVD!!! Jack Webb as Sergeant Joe Friday searches for “just the facts” on Dragnet… Ralph Byrd fights for law and order as Dick Tracy… Richard Denning and Barbara Britton are the sophisticated married couple who love unraveling murder mysteries on Mr. &Mrs. North. Plus, Peter Gunn, Sherlock Holmes, The Lone Wolf, Martin Kane Private Eye, Gangbusters and more!!!

This collection of “family-friendly” programming includes 4 complete TV shows on each of the 3 DVDs - 12 shows in all - 5 hours of viewing fun!  Includes:


Dragnet 11-06-52 “The Big Seventeen”

Peter Gunn 01-19-59 “Let’s Kill Timothy”

Treasury Men In Action 06-09-55 “The Case of the Shot inthe Dark”

Mystery Theatre presents…

Mark Saber of the Homicide Squad 1952 “The Case of the Hair of the Dog”

Dick Tracy 1952 “Shaky’s Secret Treasure”

Mr. &Mrs. North 10-03-52 “Weekend Murder”

Sherlock Holmes 1954 “The Case of the Cunningham Heritage”

The Lone Wolf 1954 “The Werewolf Story”

Gangbusters 1955 “Dillinger”

I am the Law 06-19-53 “The Killer”

Man Against Crime 11-12-52 “The Victim Is Venus”

Martin Kane, Private Eye 02-15-51 “Movie Theatre Murder”


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