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The Adventures Of Ozzie & Harriet

The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet began on radio in 1944, the boys' roles were played by professional actors, but in 1949 Ozzie finally allowed his actual offspring to go on the air. When it transitioned to Television in 1952 it became one of TV's longest-running family comedies. The show was the real-life Nelson family on the air, with the two young boys, Rick &David growing up before the television audience's eyes. From 1952 to 1966 Ricky went from a crew-cut 11-year-old, to a real-life teenage singing idol, to a 25-year-old husband. In April 1957 he sang "A Teenager's Romance," which became a real-life million selling record for him. After that, all of his songs were featured in Ozzie &Harriet episodes, or in an closing short segment at the end of the show. On the show, David became a lawyer, but in real life he turned to directing, first for the Nelson Family series, other TV comedies, and some movies in the 80’s. David Nelson still works steadily as a producer/director. In the TV beginning, Ozzie received an unprecedented 10 year contract from the ABC network. He would be the producer, director and head writer. No one ever in television has controlled a show that much for that long. In 1959, ABC made a commitment for another 5 years of episodes. Other notable cast members were Don DeFore, Parley Baer , Lyle Talbot , Skip Young, as well as Stanley and Barry Livingston (My Three Sons)
Ozzie And Harriewt Volume One The Adventures Of Ozzie &Harriet - Volume One

Harriet organizes a social dance at the Women's Club and invites 20 little girls in party dresses. Ozzie volunteers to supply the young, neighborhood boys for the social - but he soon discovers that the little kids would much rather be playing baseball than dancing.
The Nelsons are getting worried. It's been almost two weeks since David and his wife called or visited. But, in an effort not to appear too "snoopy" Ozzie and Harriet dream up an imaginative way to "keep in touch."
It's David Nelson's first day back at the law office following his honeymoon and trying to keep his newlywed romance in full swing hardly seems possible with such a busy work schedule.
Ozzie is scheduled to deliver a lecture to the Men's Club on "The Importance Of Keeping Organized And Being On Time" only he forgets the appointment, gets to the banquet hall late and winds up delivering the lecture - to the wrong audience

Run Time: 105 minutes Number of Discs: 1 Black & White No region encoding; For global distribution.

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Ozzie And Harriewt Volume Two The Adventures Of Ozzie &Harriet - Volume Two

Ozzie becomes an expectant father to a trio of robin's eggs nesting in his rain gutter. To hurry them along, Ozzie tries to hatch the eggs - himself!
Seventeen-year-old David tries to score points with a girl who only dates college boys - and Harriet thinks she has the perfect plan!
Ricky and his wife try to help their friend Wally regain his confidence and get back his girl - so they fix him up with the homecoming queen. But Ricky winds up taking her to the dance instead!
Chaos erupts in David's law office when his wife fills in for his vacationing secretary. The trick now is how to fire her!

Number of Discs: 1 Run Time: 105 minutes Black &White Region 0 encoding; Can be played worldwide, NTSC-format.

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Ozzie And Harriewt Volume Three The Adventures Of Ozzie &Harriet - Volume Three

LAMP FOR DAVE & JUNE: June has her heart set on a very expensive lamp that they just can't afford so she comes up with a plan. She and David will scale back on some "minor" items - such as food and transportation!
PAINTING FROM THE PAST: Jealousy ensues when Rick's wife accidentally finds a work of art that he painted for an ex- girlfriend.
RICK AND THE MAID OF HONOR: Rick has pre-marital jitters - only he's not the one getting married! When a good friend is about to walk down the aisle, Rick and his on-again / off-again girlfriend ponder the future of their own relationship.
RICK GROWS A BEARD: In an effort to get Rick to shave his beard, Ozzie, Dave and Rick's friend, Wally, all wear fake beards.

Episodes originally aired 1952-1966
Number of Discs: 1 Run Time: 105 minutes Black &White Region 0 encoding; Can be played worldwide, NTSC-format.

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Ozzie And Harriewt Volume Four The Adventures Of Ozzie &Harriet - Volume Four

The Big Dog: Chaos ensues when Ricky surprises his wife on her birthday - with a Great Dane.
Lunch In Mexico: To prove to their wives that they can be spontaneous, Ozzie and Joe impulsively accept an invitation to fly to Mexico for lunch!
The Space Age: Strange happenings occur at the Nelson household when Ozzie gets duped into entering a photo contest.
Banjo Players: Ozzie thinks he knows just what Ricky's band need to complete their sound?Ozzie on banjo!

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Ozzie And Harriewt Volume Five The Adventures Of Ozzie &Harriet - Volume Five

David's Car Payment: Ozzie mistakenly believes that Dave is in serious financial trouble and wonders why he seems so unconcerned.
Kris Plays Cupid: A matchmaking dinner cooked up by Rick and Kris to get Wally and Ginger back together backfires when Wally shows up with another girl.
No News for Harriet: Ozzie reluctantly starts a journal of his daily activities just to please news-starved Harriet.
The Pennies: The neighborhood kids entrust their prized collection of pennies to Ozzie, who then loses them in a poker game. Billy Mumy guest stars.

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Ozzie & Harriet Volume 1-5

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