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Somewhere In Dreamland


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Max Fleischer's Color Cartoon Classics
Somewhere In Dreamland
The Definitive Collection

A 2-disk set featuring 33 Technicolor animated shorts by Max Fleischer. The DVD mainly collects the "Color Classics" series, which were produced to showcase the Fleischer's "Stero-optical Process," whereby the animators placed cells over three-dimensional backgrounds to create the illusion of depth. The cartoons have undergone both digital picture and sound restoration, and the disk is packed with bonus features. Included are commentary by animation historian Jerry Beck, production artwork still frame gallery, a documentary about the Fleischer studio including excerpts from additional Color Classics cartoons. Also, a separate Mono audio track is available, preserving the sound as originally presented. Highlights of the set include "Greedy Humpty Dumpty," "The Cobweb Hotel," "Ants In The Plants," "Dancing On The Moon," "Hold It," "An Elephant Never Forgets," and "Small Fry" and "The Fresh Vegetable Mystery." Betty Boop appears in "Poor Cinderella" and Grampy shows up for "Christmas Comes But Once a Year." Also included are two Academy Award Cartoon Short Subject nominees - "Educated Fish" (1937) and "Hunky and Spunky" (1938). Of course, "Somewhere in Dreamland" is also included.

Somewheere In DreamlandClips from the collection.

Run Time: 270 minutes Region encoding:0 For global distribution Special Features: Full frame format Chapter selection 2 disk set The Lost Episodes Art Gallery Commentary track by Jerry beck The entire Max Fleischer "Color Classics" collection Video Format: Full Frame (1.33:1) [SS-DL] Languages: English (Dolby Digital 1.0) Mono Subtitles: None. Captions: No Casing: 2-Disc Keep Case

 IChristmas Cartoons ITEM#: ALP4493D

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Christmas Cartoon Classics

Two hours of vintage Christmas cartoons features Santa Claus and his friends. Bursting with color and shimmering with merry musical moments, this holiday cartoon collection includes three landmark Max Fleischer cartoons, "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," "Christmas Comes But Once A Year" and "Somewhere in Dreamland" as well as Ub Iwerks' rare short "Jack Frost."
Max Fleischer (1883-1972), a long time rival of Walt Disney, was the creator of Betty Boop and the inventor of the rotoscope technique that allowed animators to illustrate over live action. Fleischer brings his dazzling visual poetry and stunning 3D technique to the holiday season. Along with Disney and Fleischer, the third great grandfather of American animation was Ub Iwerks. Iwerks (1901-1971) started out working for Disney and had a huge hand in the early success of Mickey Mouse. He struck out on his own and created quality original work that assured his own unique legacy. Christmas Cartoon Classics is rounded out with many other titles including "Santa's Surprise," "Hector's Hectic Life" and most spectacularly, "Snow Foolin'"- a wintertime fantasia that climaxes with a follow-the-bouncing-ball sing-a-along rendition of "Jingle Bells."
Run Time: 114 minutes Number of Discs: 1 Color No region encoding; For global distribution

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