Thank you for listening to OTRNow---May 2016 is our 17th Anniversary! .Our station utilizes the services of an independent company that charges us for the service of webcasting our programs Since our inception we have paid thousands of dollars in webcasting fees and liscensing fees to bring old time radio to the Internet. We have paid extra fees to allow our webcast to be accessed at otrnow.com, without commercials for free.

Many of you have already sent us donations, or bought discs at our website. That has helped us keep going through the years! Because of these listeners generous contributions, we are able to make oldtime radio on 3 channels available every hour- free without modern commercial interuption 365 days a year. We thank you for that! We believe that if every listener donated what they could for a year of listening, we can continue our channels to be available for free to everyone. This is why we are reaching out to you now.
We set up a patreon account which allows you to donate and also you can get rewrded with little perks..

We're only asking you to contribute what you can to keep hearing oldtime radio whenever you want, so please help us out.

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Would you support each station for about a penny a day ( and get some special perks)? Become a patron. Pledge as little as a $1 a month.

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(Please make checks payable to: Starcreations)